April 08, 2006

indistinct mutterings to describe my day

thursday was a bad day for dietary health. sure, i did have a salad for lunch, but my dinner was: a large stack of pringles, several ginger cookies, a couple handfuls of chocolate covered raisins, a quesadilla, 5 shots of jaeger. (from that list you can probably divine my activities for the evening. fermenting on the couch and then a party?)

after such a productive and healthful day, i decided to go for a walk. to borders many, many blocks away to buy a shakespeare play. after a couple rejections (would you join me? would you join me? no.), i struck out on my own. i ran into daphne (will you join me?) by wilshire, but she had things to do. i got as far as the movie theater a block before the store. it was 5:15, the next showing was 5:20, and i had been wanting to see thank you for smoking. so i bought a ticket and sat down in the nearly empty theater. very pretty interior - very old glam hollywood - completely out of place in new, trashy la. to give you an idea, i think it was situated between a psychic and a bargain vet. the movie was v. good. towards the middle end, it threatened to get sentimental and prosaic, which would have destroyed the entire appeal of the scrupleless lobbyist, but it turned it around in the end. it was slightly anticlimactic, but it ended on a strong joke, so i forgave the movie. many v. funny lines. and the film was a testament to the beauty and glory that is bs. how could i not appreciate that? when the movie let out, it was amazingly still light out. thank you, freaky, unnerving daylight savings time!

went the rest of the way to borders to discover they were out of the play i needed. how can a bookstore run out of a shakespeare play?? alright, sure, i know this wasn't one of the more popular ones, but still. you're a bookstore, have some class. walked back and stopped to buy a mango. last one i got was pretty ripe. actually sweet, soft; not perfect, but it was still a pretty freaking good mango, made all the more tasty by the fact it had been many months since my last tasty man-go. this batch, in comparison to the last, looked pretty pathetic, though. all hard, still mostly green. i grabbed what looked like the best option and was on my way again. (oh, i did pay for it, of course.) with mango in purse, i made the somewhat tedious trek uphill to my apartment.

i was on my way, when some guy, who i had noticed in passing walking antiparallel, crossed over to me. he told me he thought he had seen me on campus several times - in kerchkhoff, right? i replied, yes, i spend some time there. and we struck up a conversation of rather animated, and on his part slightly effeminate, small talk. and then he invited me to dinner. his treat. i tried to resist - i just wanted to get back to the apartment and tear into my high hopes mango - but he would have none of it. he wheedled, and, since he was offering to pay, i finally relented. like, meh, alright, i'll make a new friend. so we dined on, at least for my part, slightly watery undercooked ravioli and a big, plain salad, and made eager conversation which, unfortunately, got less interesting as the meal wore on. he kept praising me for my cool spontenaity. damn straight. and trying to make tentative plans with me to go clubbing, visit santa monica pier, go out to other dinners, go to bars, buy me a particularly tasty lemon drop (martini, duh) somewhere or other, and get coffee some time. gaah! also, it came out he was straight, damn you, faulty gaydar, also, did he not lament guys did not hit on him earlier in conver...what? was that just an inept joke? so, good, guy i have no interest in is making "plans" with me. finally, i was making bored faces, being ever so bad at concealing "emotion," and he graciously decided he was through with his dinner, having only a little salad left, anyway. so we walked back toward the spot where he had accosted me in the first place, and i gave him my phone number, doubtful i would actually keep up the association for much longer, anyway. but i did agree to meet him on campus for coffee on tuesday. i figure, i'll give him another chance to wow me conversationally.

went back to the apartment and finally did get to eat my mango, which turned out to be underripe. great, underripe fruit equals the runs. i finished it all, of course, as it was still almost okay tasting, and also, i'm painfully cheap. then, curled in my blankey and watched tv the rest of the evening (new dr. who is pretty good - i wish i had seen old dr. who), rather amazed at my day. it was mostly good times, and i did have me an adventure. (all my most satisfying adventures seem to happen when i'm all alone.) but, mostly, i feel slightly amazed about my day. like, hunh. hmm. oh.


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