March 18, 2006

a very bad call

greg complains when i don't update regularly enough, so in the meantime while i get my next masterwork in order, a brief tale from the annals of my stint as a shopgirl. this has been transcribed as faithfully as possible.

"hi, we're not home right now, but if you leave your name and number, we'll get back to you as soon as we can."


"hi, this is -me- from -store-. this message is for carrie. um, we have the lafayette spoons you ordered in. um, it looks like you ordered them a long time ago, so i don't know if you still, um, need them. or if we've already called you and told you they came in. heh, we're actually sort of disorganized here, what with marking whether we've, uh, called special order...uh...customers. or not. so, if you're already been called and actually gotten your spoons, uuh, yoooou can ignore this message. but if you do need the spoons...or, erm, if you are not in fact...uh...carrie, because the number is slightly illegible - lewis has pretty bad handwriting. um, i'm sorry this is a really bad message. anyway...sorry. uh. -store- has lafayette spoons if you do need them. thanks."

at this point my co-worker is staring at me because normally i'm the most erudite person in the shop, and she had just witnessed me puke nosence into the phone.

this post is dedicated to anyone who has ever wondered why i claim to be a bad phone person.


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