March 21, 2006

snow snub

i was unvited to go skiing tonight. through my roommate, no less. she was asked to go skiing with some mutual friends and their friends a few days ago. i hadn't minded the lack of invite at all. these mutual friends are more hers than mine, and our relationship can pretty much be characterized as awkward. so i didn't mind not being invited, seemed about right. but being invited less than a week before the event and through a proxy seemed less like a genuine invitation so much as an insult to my intelligence. or something like that. not sure what it was actually an insult to, all i know is i am full of vague indignation. i can be that, you know, it comes from having two x chromosomes. i didn't care when i wasn't invited, but invited just for apprearances, and in such a way i was all but encouraged not to accept...view my bubbling ire.

i just wanted to yell about that in a medium that won't get back to them, so i can be civil later. what is so offensive about an unvitation? i would just prefer the blatant snub.


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