February 16, 2006

city trek

i didn't blog for so long because i had nothing of interest really to say. well now i have a story. i had an adventure!

last saturday, i was supposed to go on a class field trip to the la brea tar pits, aka. page museum. whee. and i slept through it, i slept through it hard. so to make up for it, i had to go alone. thursday my schedule is nice and open, so perfect time to go, no? the museum is a couple miles down wilshire and thursday is kat's busy day, so i thought, why not make jim drive? haven't hung out with him in ages and he has a car. called him weds and he told me he was free thursday afternoon, so plan was set! got out of class at 1 and called. called. walked back to my apartment and called. ate lunch and called. watched an episode of west wing and called. then walked to the bus stop. i had forgotten to bring quarters, so i changed a dollar at the gas station ande bought some gum. he called me back when i was almost at wilshire, and by then i was seething with the rage of the blown-off. but apparently he had only then gotten out of class. i said screw it, i'd take the bus. this is where it got interesting.

i had written on the three big fingers on my left hand the streets before, at, and past my bus stop. i watched the clock and willed the bus faster as it got stuck in mild downtown traffic. i thought the museum closed at 4 - pit 19 closed at 4, the museum closed at 5. oops, hehe. i sat in the very front and watched the banner intently waiting for wilshire & __ or really any of my finger streets. finally, finally the last of my streets danced across the banner and i bounded out of my seat, on what was now a very crowded bus. a small, elderly lady shuffled into my spot, to my immense, spry chagrin. i bounded off the bus and headed back the way the bus had come a block or so and it didn't look right, so i headed forward about twice that distance. i did not see a museum, but i saw a coffee bean/tea leaf in the distance and headed for that. now, our lovable pothead apartment manager had lost the key to our apartment some days ago, and only told kat yesterday when she went in to complain they hadn't fulfilled a work order a week since it was placed, son in full laptop paranoia, i've been carrying around my baby all day. i bought a chai latte and $3.85 worth of internet and promptly googled mapped my location, using the address of a tire shop accross the street. i found i wasn't too far from the museum, namely 1.1 miles west. i asked the man next to me what direction was east (forward) and headed off with my brimming spicy drink. i speed walked and precision sipped several city blocks all the way to museum. on my way, i saw window washers cleaning a shiny, modern, black office building, and a huge statue of many bulls, and a white suv with the lisence plate "iketrnr" (like ike & tina, which brings up many questions: is tina's husband's surname actually turner? did he take la tina's last name when they wed? did she marry him before being famous? am i thinking of the wrong people? do i care enough to answer these? hah, no!), and various men who smiled or waved, and my sexy, sexy relfection. it's weird that i only ever feel sexy when i'm essentially alone. i finally got to the museum with half an hour to spare. half price admission! the tar pit looked a lot like a muddy pit. the bones were pretty cool, i liked the big, scary, skeletal birds - very gothy. but the museum wasn't particularly informatinve and i had to collar a docent 5 in before closing to answer my questions. basically, i held up my homework and he went through each point, laughing. i stopped on a grassy hill outside above a sculpture of two prehistoric lions posing so pretty and copied down what i remembered of his answers and billowing in the breeze.

as i went back, i contemplated hanging out at lacma for a bit, but it was late and i needed to stop at ralph's. took a rapid bus back that trundled down the street at high speeds, jolting as if it were running repeatedly over the curb. and small tanks. got back and went to ralph's, filled kat's shopping list. on the way back down to street level, my headphones caught in the elevator door and an earbud was torn completely off. so of course, i took the elevator back up and bought replacements at best buy. trudged back to the apartment and called jim, aplogising for being pissy on the phone when he called me back. i figured, i had had a lovely trip without him, and likely more fun wandering the streets alone. and i couldn't really blame him when i hadn't said what time i had wanted to go.

after all of that, i got back home and collapsed. tiring day.


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