December 10, 2005

the shat man cometh

it's been a while since my last post, and i had a birthday and a trip home since then, but i don't want to write about those. both were very good and in both cases, my friends were wonerful to me. that's really all that needs to be said. what i really want to write about is william shatner. oooh, billy, the shat-man. i just downloaded two of his albums (his two albums?) the transformed man and has-been. and i've been listening to them while trying to study for my programminf final. to ambivalent success. oooh! such good things, i'm horribly distracted. the funny thing is, for all my love of the shatner, i haven't even seen all that much old star trek. i've seen some - but not enough to truely justify this little obsession. it's cult of personality, i think. just too cool to not adore.

woke up today after a dream about having a ghost for a lover. literally. started listening to my shatner albums, knowing i was just procrastinating. went to shower, and disloged a large spider when i pulled my towel off the rack, so i spent some time trying to shoo it out onto the balcony. dressed myself in only outerwear and poured myself a glass of water. put shatner on in over the living room speakers and settled in the easy chair with a blanket and pillow for a good read. felt all clean and fragrant as i laughed at the music. the little things that cropped up that might make me unhappy today haven't. and for that i thank william shatner. and his brilliant rendition of tamborine man.


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