December 15, 2005


another finals season rolls around, and once again i fail to participate in the traditional (rah rah) college activities: yelling agonized obscenities out my window every midnight to blow off stresses, running up and down the streets of westwood in my underwear, and entrenching myself in newly-discovered motivation to study. at least my hygiene remains good. my last wikpedia search was for "dilithim crystals," i keep giggling and saying "boobies" (as in blue-footed or masked), i've been gorging myself on m&m's and i have a rising sense of panic with regular periodicity. 'tis the season. soon, the sleep-deprivation will set in. i've already begun to lie awake torturing myself with thoughts of programming, and i already finished that test. nothing but to plow through and live vicariously through kat's video gamming. i'm not too bitter that she's done.


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