November 01, 2005

improbable joy

i have an important midterm bright and early tomorrow morning, i just finished going through all the info for the first time, and it is 3 am. yet i am happy. here's why:

i created a giant poster-sized printout of an excel document with all the relevant data on 3 classes of blood parasite and it's beautiful. and it's hanging above my bed.

i got a new bed the other day. now i have a bed. i no longer sleep quite so near ground leveland i can tuck my sheets nicely in.

i got to justifiably cuss at people. it was past midnight, i was in the lobby of my apartment building waiting for the elevator. button was lit, no elevator. push button repeatedly in ire. wait. no elevator. wait. then i start to hear voices drifting down through the elevator shaft. a couple is arguing. the might be holding up the elevator, i think. but no, who's that stupid? i wait. ire. voices continue. i kick the elevator door a little to relieve frustration. impatient ire. i consider going on a search of the stairs that i know have to be somewhere in the building. finally, i yell, "stop arguing in the fucking elevator and send it down!" i half think that they're not even in the elevator and i'm just yelling at doors. there is silence. pause. elevator noises. guy steps out of elevator, glances at me and rushes out of the building. i get to go up to my apartment feeling all self-righteous. hah!

i am listening to what, with my horrid language skills, i can only assume is a direct translation of that aqua song "barbie girl" into dutch...or german. it is the most spectacular thing i ever makes me wanna hug a guy in leiderhosen and maybe give him a stuffed pony or a shiny apple for a present.

am happy, so i say, "choose life!"

(that's not so much a pollitical statement, as an endorsement of george michael. pretty sure)


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