October 01, 2005

the thing it is

ballet on tv. to my left, a beetle under glass. it's been warm in la and my skin itches, hypersensitive to the touch of my clothing. the beetle taps it's hind leg, but does not place it on the ground. the dancers seem unnaturally happy to have apples. i am left wondering if i have hives. i want to get up and jump around, go for a walk somewhere, but it's 2 am. i hate ballets where it's all the coy princess being danced around by the admiring prince and the chorus is all waving their arms. i fear the since one beetle was able to enter the apartment, another, less benign bug may be lurking somewhere within, as well. while this one is docile and contained, the evil beetle is zipping round in hiding, waiting to bite us in our sleep. buggery stravinsky. apparently, male elephants at some point in time have hormonal surges that cause sweeling glands to press up behind their eye and drive them mad with pain. vaguely reminds me of star trek, where vulcans will go into periods where they must mate to go mad. i've been drinking water like mad for the last two hours. still thirsty. i think i'll have ice cream.


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