October 02, 2005

a simple summary

things have happened to me, but i'm afraid i havne't had a terribly compelling way to tell the stories. i moved down to la for school, of course, classes have started. my apartment is very nice this year, and i'm eager to live in a place what doesn't have indoor flooding. father and i were still rather rageful when he joined mom and me in la. after driving down from san fransisco without any traffic violations or overly reckless moments, i drove through a stop sign to get away from him and his whinging, unfortunately, he was in the back seat. i was sad we couldn't sit through a civil dinner, and for such a petty reason, at least on his part, but we parted with tender words of familial concern and i felt sort of bad about the fights. been hemmoraging money in la, but i excuse the expenses as normal new-apartment costs, and anyways kat and i, mostly due to managerial fuck-ups, are paid up through november. we attended a party shortly after coming here. party with booze, but i couldn't get drunk due to upset tum. sober as a mormon, i was hit on by three guy in decreasing unappeal. the first tried to nuzzle my phone number from my neck on the dance floor. the second tried the time-honored technique of dull conversation...on the dance floor. amusingly, he had been trying to catch my eye over the first gentleman's shoulder. i ran into the third on my way out the door, where he lurked with his friends, playing up the cute, ecclectic foreigner bit and wins on the points of originality and humor. i've seen most of my friends in town to mixed receptions - mostly very warm and cuddly, though some distressingly indifferent. i've been spending my time slothing around the apartment and watching episodes of firefly, a shockingly good series. i've also begun a pen and ink portrait, utilizing skills i had feared atrophied with almost a year's disuse. i'm happy to report, though, that my abilites appear to have remained intact and the piece is progressing nicely. it is an activity i greatly missed, however, and i feel as if i have regained something i did not realize i lacked. every so often, i remember a silly thing my mother does and i miss her teribly. mostly, when i'm watching one of the many spanish language channels or the food network, one of her silly chestnuts will pop into my head and i'll grow sad. beyond that, i find that at around 1 each night, i grow terribly anxious and must stretch my limbs, go outside, walk around. as one who has never had much use for jogging, it's peculiar that i am actually fighting the urge to go out into the night and run. and i must find someone with whom i may have the epic sort of conversations i so love. i would rather they be in person than over the phone, but i sit down with so few people here to actually have one of those lovely, long talks. i think that was the simplest thing to relate everything that's been going on in my life during my period of relative radio silence. at least the main points. oh, but i could use your input on a few things that have been on my mind:

1) what is the difference between corinthian and ionic columns (possibly misspelled, possibly just plain wrong) and there's a third type, isn't there?
2) if bizzaro world were really opposite to ours, what exactly would the landscape look like?

thanks, and goodnight. ;)


At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

My guess is that the difference between Ionic and Corinthian columns is really on the ends. The tops of Ionic columns look somewhat like open scrolls, whereas Corinthian ones generally look a lot fancier. Doric ones, by comparison, look almost completely plain.


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