October 08, 2005

another day

nice day, today. warm, though not perfect. had classes, which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. i turned in one c++ program and began another one, which was more complex than i was strictly prepared for, but i think i have it well done. the programming left me all keen and high (have weird love of programming), which was a nice change as i spent most of my morning fantasizing about sexually mauling someone in the halls of the engineering building. actually spent rather more time than is healthy glazed over deep in deep thoughts such as that. got back to the apartment and was startled to see blake on the couch, as apparently he's graduated and living in the bay area, but he was down for job interviews and stopped by to see kat. i kamikazied an overlarge bowl of cereal while watching them make small talk and then lounged on the couch for a bit. read the second third or so of snow crash (in the grand cyberpunk tradition), which actually had kept me glazed for most of thursday's lectures, as i had it out on my lap while i was taking notes. the internet was out at the apartment all afternoon, as was the normal cable television, so i was left to amuse myself in other ways. ended up watching 10 or so episodes of arrested development and knitting a couple of lines on my scarf before dinner. i put my hair into braided pigtails, then kat and i finally went to see serenity. pretty good movie, didn't stray too drastically from the expected, so i wasn't horribly disappointed nor terribly pleased. i probably had a stronger reaction to the season premiere of veronica mars (echoed cries of "that's so fucked up!"), though i can't believe whedon killed off...!!! no, seriously, you killed off, like, my favorite character, you bastard. back to the apartment and down the hall a loud party was being thrown, which i'm pretty sure was in huge breach of rental contract, but, like, whatever, hurrah. read a bit more, fucked around online, and then, bed, and i'm still thinking about my nether bits. tomorrow i have some chemical oceanography homework to look at, a molecular parasitology lecture to read through, and another short program to code. it actually sounds sort of fun, though part of me still really wants to get drunk and then slobber on someone. or at least watch wrath of khan. that's been coming up too many times lately.


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