September 16, 2005

wtf, yo, wtf

i'm not really great with dates and times. i often get the hour or even day of the week confused. networks are fond of placing ads, "watch *this show,* tonight at 9:00." and i'm often surprised, "oh yeah. it's today today." actual quote. also, i'm late to everything. everything. even if i leave with seemingly enough time to get there, even if i wake up early, even if i run - i'm late. i'm like a gas, i expand to fill all the time alloted. in stark contrast i woke up from sleep this morning. wasn't sure what time it was. flashed through my mind, "feels like 11:10." pried my eyes open, kinda flopped onto my stomach, craned my eyes upward toward the clock, squinted. it was exactly 11:10. wtf?


At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

I get that all the time. I set my alarm for 5:30 and wake up at 5:28 or whatnot. There's some amazing stuff in your brain that for some reason you can't generally access consciously; I wouldn't have minded being able to keep time in my waking hours. As for expanding like a gas, there are lots of things that people fill like gases. Read any economics textbook, and then read a textbook on gas dynamics. You'll be surprised at the similarity between some of the equations. I'm serious.


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