September 14, 2005


i used to believe in fakirs. or yogis. you know: lying on beds of nails, slowing their heartbeats and burrying themselves for months, sticking hooks through their skin and not bleeding. and i thought: wow, how cool that these men can become so enlightened as to rise above the physical needs of their bodies and control their physical impulses with their minds. then i watched chris angel: mindfreak. and it ruined all the wonder and mystery of life for me - if that giant jerkoff is doing those stunts for real, then i wanna stab my own head (it'll bleed by the way) because i refuse to believe that that fuckhead is in any way posessing powerful mind...powers. no! it cannot be!! he has to be a fraud, because if he had prescience he would have realized his head is so far up his ass his producers have had to install flourescent lighting. (okay, i'm bad at metaphor.) my point is, he's a giant fungal growth and i hate him. raaaargh!


At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

Enlightened people lose most of their interest in stabbing themselves.


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