September 08, 2005

i've got an itch

they never tell you about the itching like mad stage of the tattoo healing process. we all know that they hurt to get, and they scab over while they heal (or at least flake), but the itching is like an insider secret. it's gotten pretty bad. last night, my tattoo was even itching in my dreams. which brings me to the big weird, again - the second back licking dream in a month. it was in an elevator. i was terribly itchy, so my friend started licking it, i guess as a less abrasive alternative to scratching. my shirt was off and i was making it tickles gleeful squirmy noises when the doors opened and bunches of people i the hallway saw me in my bra all giggly. did i mention it was a girl doing the licking? two guys walked into the elevator, and i grabbed her hand and we ran into the hall giggling and pulling on my tanktop. later, back in the elevator, i pulled a specialized medicated disposable scratchy wand (like one of those clorox disposable toilet scrubbers) off the wall and relieved my sufferings with that. it was actually fairly enjoyable (as well).

now, my dream brings me to two points: 1) how bad do you gotta itch before your subconscious starts to feel it? and 2) what's with all the back-licking dreams, eh? it's turned into a thing. like a weird little fixation. kink, we'll call it? probably more exciting in my mind than with the actual stickiness and wet and slobber. but i'm gonna just dwell on the other thought, nmm. (oh, but i don't think the girl thing means anything really. surely not.)

p.s. alex trebeck trash talking on celebrity poker? never been more attracted to a canadian.


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