August 05, 2005


no, no, not really. i actually just wish i knew what was going on with stargate this season. question #1 where's jack? #2 how is chriton ne colonel mitchell justified and why is he so high-level all of a sudden when just 5 years ago he was an astronaut lost in outer space with a blue lady and a deposed dominar? #3 where's jack? #4 where's carter? #5 where's tal'c? #6 why an apostrophe, why? those mean a letter is left out, so therefore which(#6b)? #7 where's jack? #8 is space rogue lady really supposed to be enough to distract audience from absence of jack? i mean, really people... i missed one season finale, and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore. i gotta say, though, i like vala's strappy leather bondage top and rogue hair. rowr. still not jack. they had to pep up daniel's character just to make the nice foil. not doin' it fellas. is he dead? did i suddenly miss him dying? did i? because that would just suck.

(on another i-spend-my-friday-nights-watchin'-sci-fi-channel note, when does firefly get exciting? yeah, cool idea, but where's the punchy comedy? where are the quirky pop culture references that are characteristic of joss whedon shows? i mean, sure, it's alternate reality some time in distant future space show, but i'm sure even they listened to duran duran while fighting againt the alliance, right?)


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