August 05, 2005

road anger, and beyond

started today with obsesso watching of yakitate!!, bread-themed anime. i cooled a little on it around ep. 21 when they introduced a villan. i want bread and yeast science, not bitches and human drama. bring me the bread lore!! early afternoon i watched america's next top model and did half-assed sets of crunches. a suppose it might have been a good thing, as mom yelled "hola blandita!" (general equivalence: hi squishy!) and patted my belly upon entering the house. then we went shoppin' and i developed a 'tude. started feelin' more and more misanthropic as the day progressed. mom's half-baked and repetitive stories started grating more and more heavily on me as i was dragged from shopping center to shopping center. on the after dinner excursion to bed, bath, and beyond, i saw a woman in the car ahead of me, sitting on the passenger side, moving her hand in the air stream outside her window as if it were a music video and she were "rollin'." i hated her instantly and wanted to yell, "you're not that young and groovy!" when i passed the car, i saw that both occupants were middle age and was a bit shocked not to see a ditzy high schooler there. i despised anyonw going under the speed limit, and even yelled out the window, "sloow!" as i passed a man on the right. jackass, going 5 mph under the limit in the left lane. there was this obnoxious xoupl in the supermarket that kept kissing. the guy was also wearing strong man-scent. usually i'm pretty weak for the smell of cologne, but this just annoyed me. (there's one friend of mine - always smells like man product and every time i scent him, i just want to lick him. nothing else about him prompts that reaction, however. i'm just a sucker for a good smell.) i noticed that the serial killer btk looks a lot like an unkempt kelsey grammer and wondered why the tabloid whose cover i saw him on wasn't looking into that as a possible scoop. p.s. isn't that the name of another r&b reincarnation of immature? when i finally got back home, i just sat steaming for a bit in front of the tv.


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