August 21, 2005

hoary horray

i have to admit that i have a secret love. oh yes, i do.

kindly, hoary-headed women with attitude. like diane. a co-worker at the costume store way back when. i befriended her specially. she had arthiritis and told me she always regretted not getting a tattoo. or mizz m. the drama teacher from my high school. she could keep a class in line with flashing eyes and projection from the diaphragm and always wore fashinable heels. or jane, a former neighbor of mine, who ignored everybody (including my father who often saw her there) at the gym, but would always greet me warmly. a chemist at a time that women never entered that field. or sue johanson, an eldery woman with a very direct sex show they run late at night on cable. i love how terribly candid she is, when she's all wrinkled and old. also, descriptive hand gestures and toys. and apparently quips: if you're gonna be squirtin' bag it for certain. eep!

all these old women are spry and snarky well into their silver years and gold. and all in some way were brilliantly beyond their time and they make me wanna be a brassy old gramma with tattoos and purple hair and a moped. so horray for them! matronly they are not.


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