August 26, 2005

blarg. oh, blarg.

i'm a bit weirded out by the misapplication of formerly popular hits in commercials. sure everyone loves "baby got back" or "she blinded me with science" but not with new lyrics about back to school supplies. come on, can't you do any better than that? maybe the children gather their supplies from a giant, candy-colored landscape while backpack birds flap through the sky and pencil bugs scuttle around. (what would mick jagger do?)

i spent today in a rather foul mood. woke up early. dentist appointment. i made small talk with the hygenist, which i never do, and another cavity was discovered. went to work and was lethargic and irritable. felt bloated and ugly. my forehead was stiff from a few spots and i just wanted to be home. made it through to closing without bitching out any customers (at least not deliberately bitching them out). felt a bit better when i got home, changed, ate, and turned on the tv. but am still a little bit tired and depressed. i also want to retalliate against my malaise by pestering people. sigh.

p.s. man, the andy milonaukus show is crap.

tomorrow i work from noon. then sunday my parents have some friends over for a barbeque and i have to make small talk, mostly about my studies, i presume, or else listen to obnoxious adult talk with malcontented expression. i want to get more sun and go to a tattoo expo this weekend. monday, i get another filling, bringing me up to an even 5. and somewhere in all that, i go to the library. read eldest the other day. two days actually, which i see as a small feat due to it's length and the short time. bored with the books i still have from the library, got them ages ago and stopped halfway.

i think i need some time of sleep and sloth to return to my normal cheerful state of hometown bliss. maybe i'll take some time off next week and become a proper layabout.


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