August 03, 2005


got a bike. it's a nice bike. i like it, anyways. it has a light, but no basket or bell or tassles. so not a perfect bike. but pretty nice, just the same. mat helped me go get it, so i bought him a late. i had chai. but back to the bike. i rode, today, to the library to pick up the latest laurell k. hamilton (completing the series as per what has so far been written). it was a nice ride, but i'm not particualrly stable on my bike, as i haven't ridden since i was about 13. that's a long time of not having to balance on two wheels. i'm still not particualrly smooth on the mount or dismout, or even turning, for that matter. especially turning while riding on the street. you gotta signal with your arm, taking it off the handlebars! that's not easy!but i did not swerve accidentally into traffic, so i count it as okay. i came home and we were supposed to go to the county fair, but that doesn't actually start till friday, so instead, my parents mitakenly dragged me into san jose (reading in the back seat) and made me wander about in full "family" formation as the workers set up the rides and things. i whined and demanded being allowed back into the car to finish my book. done! which also means i have completed the series as it has so far been written, which i find horribly obnoxious, as i like my stories to have endings, dammit! that's pretty much all that's going on now. no work during the week until the temp agency calls to place me. tomorrow i have an eye exam. that's not particularly exciting. my sunburn has lessened into a large peel. the skin makes shucking noises like plastic when i pull at it. i'd now just like to go into the sun and be all one even color, but i don't really see how i could tan normally again. until i fade, at least. sigh. poor shoulders of leprosy. (sunday, when the peeling was fresh, i wandered around the cookware store yelling "leprosy!" and freaking out the customers. actually, i think i had cause to yell it again, watching fantastic 4. dr. doom, hur. it was really bad. the dialogue was so shitty and stilted, but priya and i had a good time mocking it. she's the only person i know who seeks out bad movies as actively as i do with the mocking and laughing at, not with. we also had a lovely conversation over dinner about stargate and firefly. i started getting into the series, though it doesn't have enough silly, yet, to offset the stern "we're all gonna die" of it all. the movie looks really cool, though, can't wait till it comes out. i'm assured that the series gets more amusing, too, so hurrah! oh, and corpse bride looks utterly magical. not in the sappy way they describe disney movies, but the way i say "magical" to mean "freaking awesome, yo!" horray for tim burton, it's about time he came out with another claymation flick. and with that, i'll just leave you with these famous words by pink floyd, because i really am unnaturally excited:

i got a bike, you can ride it if you like
it's got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good
i would give it to you if i could, but i borrowed it

you're the kind of girl that fits into my world;
i'd give you everything - anything if you want things.

was humming snatches of that for the next hour after i bought my bike. whee!


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