July 06, 2005

warm summer, cold

i'm sick. horrible summer cold. unfortunately, or possibly the opposite, it's not one of those colds (at least not yet) with lots of horrid symptoms and physical feelings of ik. noooo...it's all in my head. sure, my throat is a bit achey, but that's definitively copable. i just feel listless and irritable. unable to focus, heady-headed, and very sleepy. many headaches. big dose of apathy. and the feeling that i've been run over by the shit van.

okay, so i admit "irritable' is not a usual cold symptom, but i do have a cold. swear.

that being the case, i am anti-looking forward to going in to teach class tomorrow. and preparing my materials for the next session of classes that begins next monday. oh, hurrah, i get to start all over with another batch of kids whose names i won't remember, either. i need to re-tool my classes to be interesting.

you know what this cold is like? it feels as if i am stuck with that leaden-headed feeling you get, having just gotten up from a heavy nap, and am walking around all day with it. i'm actually almost fine standing up and moving around, but the second i settle into one position, be it in the car to drive, or at the dinner table, i start drifting deep into the depths of my fuzzy, addled brain fur. sigh, it's my bed time now. must wake up and deal with the kiddies once more. i'll probably come up with the lesson for my first class while in the shower tomorrow morning. heaven help me if i'm too exhausted and dense to bullshit. at least the other two are taken care of - watching movies, hurrah, and i just need to guard against falling asleep in my seat.


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