July 26, 2005

so if temperature is the x axis, and libido is y...

the weather has heated up. am just thrilled about that.

i spent all saturday at the cookware store working in air conditioned clime. it was horrible, people kept coming in off the street and complaining about the lovely heat that i longed to go bask in. finally, when i got off work, i stepped out to revel in the delicious warmth on the way to a nearby deli for some sandwiches. (was going to shakespeare in the park that evening with mother and kat and needed proper fare) as soon as i hit the wonderful heat, i just melted. i became a tropical, flouncey thing, floating in the summer air. and went into the deli. the male clerk was very, very nice to me in an almost obsequious "anything we can do" sort of way. smiled a lot, i recall. also, the only other customer, a man in with his young daughter, was awfully friendly, come to think. the female clerk who fixed my sandwiches wasn't nearly so nice. got sandwiches and left. writhed and crooned in the warm car. when i got home, i looked down and realized that my nipples were a bit pointy. couldn't think of a plausible reason for that, until i realized how much i had been enjoying the warmth. i think i actually might have been turned on by the weather. but i guess that explains why the men were so friendly to me.

i think my new mercury level/libido direct proportion theory is at least partly supported - i have been pretty horny pretty much since the advent of this last heat wave. and i'm reminded of a corrolary period in january abouts when i had no sexual urges at all. (a very depressing period of time.)

after the saturday night shakespeare experience (a rather meek performance of much ado about nothing), i spent sunday at the beach. t'was suegol's birthday celebration and quite fun, even though it was overcast on the coast, with clouds hovering just above the beach but nowhere to be seen just a quarter of a mile inland. i ate rich cake, watched shahin climb up and down a suicidally steep sandstone cliff, got my ankles wet in the freezing surf (not worth it without sun to warm the rest of me), and finished my bad laurell k. hamilton novel. the lack of sunshine made me recklessly bold and i did not wear sunscreen all day. foolish me, i ended up with prickly, red skin and the inability to stand wearing a bra. actually, i think the shade of dusky rose of my back is rather attractive and i don't mind wearing silk scarves as tops, so long as i don't have to make any sudden arm movements or stretches. i haven't begun to peel, yet, and i'm hoping that i avoid that particular sun punishment. fortunatley, i don't have work at the cookware store again until wednesday, so i can do about the house half-dressed as i am with no one staring. of course, with the continued heat wave, i have taken to playing with my breasts absentmindedly while watching tv. y-you see, they get...all bound flat by the scarf that i wear, b-because i have to tie it tight so it stays up, and i'm not wearing a bra, so...so they're all squishy and flat. *bites lip. blushes.* before i left the beach, i lay flat on my belly and poured cool sand onto my back and thighs and then burried my arms, as well. was very nice. tactile. i like beach.

apart from that, everything's been pretty uneventful this week. happy birthday suegol, whose real birthday is tomorrow. and elissa, whose birthday was...some few days ago. yes.


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 24th. ew I am so old. 24 on the 24th. fuck.



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