July 10, 2005


all yesterday and today, i've had the urge to call people "baby." more specifically, i've had the urge to call people "baby" and then demand that others not put them in corners. this rather peculiar inclination is even extended to my neighbor's cat, calvin, who i am currently watching in her absence. i don't know why dirty dancing is suddenly asserting such a strong influence on my life. perhaps in the zodiac of the cinema, the cosmic film reel is in my second house and the bucket of popcorn is in retrograde, meaning that the house of swayze is on the rise. or else the dancing concessions hot dog is eclipsed by the preiviews rating sign, which means that the star of 80's dance movies is exposed to exert its influence in my fifth house. whatever it is causing my rather sudden and powerful obsession, it is freaking me out a little, yeah.

i fear i have a terrible confession to make. my toenails are painted a dark teal. yes, my virgin toes have been deflowered and now gleam wantonly in seductive hues. i got my nails done yesterday and my fingers are already chipping. i'm so not an elegant lady.

went to work today, and am going tomorrow. at the cookware store. it's been quite busy. next week i begin a whole new session with the children. three classes of strange new children i must entertain, and all three of them are completely full. i fear the unknown. and i fear it in large quantities, especially! i literally had a sudden chill sitting on the couch tonight when i remembered my less friendly job among the youngsters. that's two more weeks of lesson plans and power point. crossword puzzles and photocopies. man, i hate teaching. but i keep repeating to myself $35/hour, $35/hour and feel a little bit more comforted.

i'm spooked a little, but i should be alright, i mean, i got through it once pretty unscathed, i can do it again. and besides, nobody puts baby in the corner. nobody.


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