July 02, 2005

i left my heart

mmm, yes! love this place so much. teaching is going alright. my classes are kinda dull, but my kids think i'm cool. i can live with that. had an "incident" in one of my classes, turns out one of the kids involved is autistic and no one told me. stupid people. why not warn the inexperienced teacher that she might have some coddling to do? turns out, i handled things perfectly, though, to which i say "hah!" thursday after work, went to my old place of employment to hang out with the 7th grade daughter of my co-worker. thought it was amusing that i deliberately went to hang out with a kid after a day of teaching them. picked up some eclairs for my parents at a farmer's market, stopped at an antiques store looking for a birthday present for kat, and went out to dinner with my parents. i wore my nice heels and a skirt and felt fancy. dinner was nice - not great - and we were joined by a work acquaintance of my father's and her adult friends at the restaurant. we were there to hear a flamenco band play live, but it was more two guitarists and latin jazz. yesterday, my day off, went to matt's in the afternoon to play wow on his computer. terminator 2 was on in the background and he poked meto get my attention. my druid cow-lady is now at level 6! (hehehe, so geek.) had dinner with my fam and went to the mall to get a bra. got 2 out of weakness and semiannual sale and went to meet my friends at cheesecake factory next door. nearly the whole group was there - suegol, sadaf, clarence, shahin, and yen, as well as sadaf's little cousin. we ate lovely cake andappetisers and laughed raucously. yen and i pulled out my new acquisitions and held them up for inspection in the crowded restaurant. i dropped sadaf and her cousin at home and shahin, clarence, and yen picked me up at my place for a drive. we visited the san jose airport and inspected the "monster construction" signs, drove pell-mell around san jose looking for the source of a sweeping beacon of light (trendy nightclub), and yen and shahin, in an unprecedented explosion of anti-pc behavior, discussed their least-favorite ethnic groups loudly and with much invective. it wa hilarious. got dropped back at home and went to bed. today, took mom to the farmer's market here. there were some old men playing the blues and singing under a deck umbrella and i really dug it. then shahin picked me up and we went to sf. ate chowder on fisherman's wharf and ice cream in ghirdellli square. hiked up steep streets to the koit tower and stared at the lovely view of the bay bridge. went the wrong way on some one-way streets and lucked out on parking costs once we were able to finally find parking. there's a giant inexplicable bow-and-arrow statue beside embarcadero by the piers. and the gap headquarters. and the aquarium of the bay, which is now added to my list of 'quarious i'd like to eventually visit. but first must arrange a group to go to monterey. anyway, had a lovely-ful time. sf is totally one of my favorite places (add to list with monterey). it's all my home. and i love every inch of it.


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