June 28, 2005

newton's second law

so...productive. ow. woke up at 6:45 today, drove to work, taught until 2, went to costco, picked up some necessities and also not necessities (got eternal sunshine, hurrah!), home, washed my hair, had dinner, helped mom in the garden for a bit, set up our wireless network so my airport express was connected to big, fancy airport and i could stream music on the express with the weaker signal while enjoying the fancy's stronger signal and faster connection time (very pleased when i succeeded), then i tried setting up a dos emulator for my mac so i can play old supersolvers games (have to set it up in unix; i don't know unix - problem, but i made a good start). so i did so many things today. and tomorrow will be just as busy. and there are so many things that i want to do in general. i'm amazed at me. usually i'm so lethrgic. but force me to wake up before noon and suddenly i'm a different person. a much more accomplished person. also, i tote my laptop around with me wherever i go. it's useful in teaching. and distracting when the kids are bored. ("look a simpsons episode! if you promise not to hate me, i'll put it on!") we're bonding like cops from different backgrounds and races, suddenly partnered together and then forced to ferret out corruption within our own precinct (laptop and me, not the kids - nooo). and i'm still very protective like mamma bear. i had other thoughts to write, but those will wait until i've gotten more sleep, i think. i may spend the entire month subsisting on 6 hours/day. you know, as is opposed to my accustomary 11. but tomorrow, i may buy a bike or sort through my possessions for things i can give to charity, or start tearing up our scraggly lawn, or re-caulk my parents' tub. you never know what will happen once i get going. yes! and those are just the reasonably expectable things i might do. i could write the next great american novel or train a seeing eye dog to chew the legs off of child molesters. the possibilities are limitless when you're awake!


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