June 02, 2005

i'm just gonna say it again...proboscis!

have developed dirty new late-night pleasure. well, not so much dirty, actually. not even guilty, really. classic x-files episodes from the pre-mulder-abduction era and laptop, well, on my lap. mmm....baby. kicks everything's ass.

sigh, so i suppose a recap of the past couple of weeks might be in order.

goth party: chatted up several new people, including guy i had little distance crush on last year in the dorms. or rather, thought was terribly cute. but only when he was all punk hooligan-ed out. he wasn't for the party, pity. when not all bleached and leather-jacketed, skinny pants and you could hear the sex pistols in your head, he's a little pudgy-faced jawlineless. actually, vaguely jimish features. talked to his bespectacled bio major friend about star wars and dug the geeked out convo. made other conversations in various stages of drunkenness until i was vomiting unhappy off the balcony. there are photos, even, which amy has kindly posted with the rest of the party picts. not cool, actually. (bit pissed off about that.) eventually, jim carried me home. he and kat took care of me. i showered and changed and passed out and eventually all was well. the next day i spent lying on the ground in my living room reading, trying to fight off the nausia. though i think now, i have a bit of a poison reaction to alcohol. shots make me want to retch and cocktails make me queasy. at least i spend my summers mostly not drinking anyways.

the next monday and wednesday, i had midterms in bio and chem, respectively. bio was alright, well, mediocre. chem was a bitch. i would wake up from dreams with images of chemical reactions in my head and no idea how the mechanisms worked. would panic. learned everything pretty much satisfactorily for the test, took it and it was a bitch. and i did, well, mediocrely. at least by comparison. high: 75, avg: 32, low: -1. yes, negative. shit, right? chem pains me. after that, went home, and napped. waking up, i had images of deep-fried functional groups in my head. i was eating them with chopsticks. ketones were best. stuck my tongue in the loop of the double bond and broke it. num. hung out with jim that night in a, um, cozy way and still kept having mechanism flashbacks. found that terribly amusing, but in one of those -mildly insulting if i share- ways. the chem post-traumatic stress dreams have ended, thank god, but i'm sure they'll return in time for finals.

rather uneventful rest of the week. kat went home, so it was just me and roosh. restocked the fridge friday with all my favorite foods and was in the best mood. friday i spent at sadaf's hanging out with her and the gang. played pool a bit, but mostly watched them. turns out, i'm crap, unless i have someone pointing out exactly where i should hit the ball. yay for kevin's help! sadaf got me dining hall dinner, and i watched the boys brawl amusingly and threaten one another with pool cues. wanted to go to the sci-fi convention sat, but woke up too late for any of the things i really wanted to see. sadaf came by and we cooked a big dinner for her friends. that's how the sink was clogged. people came by, ate, sat around, joked, brawled a bit more, played n64, and watched charade. the rest of the weekend was spent pretty much bitching about the sink and listening to lecture recordings for the final i need to make up. have a lot more of that to do, though.

had tried to go to the long beach aquarium all weekend, but could never make it work. disappointing, but now it means kat gets to go, too. means my firends get to comiserate, sharing amazed and creeped-out looks behind my back as i squeal and giggle and point at the pretty fishies. ten-to-one i giggle and jump up and down a least once. blaize can come, too, complete the set of people who think me lunatics. har. but i will go. will! cuz i do love me my 'quariums.

mmreh, that more or less sums things up. am left with vague, niggling impression that i fuck everything up just a little. but the x-files will comfort me. this has to be te best epp. i've ever seen. it's about a boy with an "eating disorder" - he turns into a weird earless bald thing and eats people's brains. big self-help fan, he's trying to control his urges. his fake ear just fell off and he had to surreptitiously pick it up from the floor and squash it back into place. mulder lurks around and asks him random questions with a smug knowing look. and he said "proboscis!" hee!! i get such i kick out of mulder saying "proboscis," not fair. and now crazy boy is describing the amazing taste of brains to a room full of overeaters, anonymous. they're writhing in joy and foaming at the mouth with him. mmm...brains... (did you just say brains?) no, chicken! i mean chicken! damn i love me that chicken!! (hmm...chicken is good.) heheheh...you don't know what i'm referring to. but i think this post is pretty much dead. like proboscisboy's brain trust victims. tee!


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