June 22, 2005

guess what!

i'm home. hooome! hom.

it took forever to get us out of the apartment sunday and monday: packing and carting and storing. we took all the non-necessary stuff to a storage place and crammed everything else into kat's car. once everything was stored, we had to clean the apartment, but that job was half-assed because we were all in such a hurry to leave. i had to go to the airport and kat had to drive home. the landlord came by and looked around and pointed out the dirty places in our apartment we needed to clean. didn't get to them all, so i think we're gonna be fined. but, oh well, we couldn't help the timing.

jim helped with the storage part and then drove me to the airport, which was really nice, and i made him late for a party. he kind of confuses me - is really (super) nice doing me big favors like that or taking care of booze-sick me, but the rest of the time seems pretty much completely ambivalent towards me with the not seeing and not talking.

on the way to the airport jim was worried i'd miss my flight. i wasn't, but didn't want to say anything. sort of figured it was more anxiety about his being late, rather then me, and that i shouldn't say anything, just let him freak out in peace. but really, i've never missed a flight, even when i've had to get through ginormous holiday out-the-terminal-and-around-the-block lines to get through security, with 15 min before my flight. god seems to smile on last-minute fliers. though jim did start yelling "this is why i don't believe in you" at the sky when a giant turning tour bus blocked our lane and the next just blocks from the airport. i laughed inside, and thought, "this is pretty much why i do," but i think we were talking about different gods.

got home late and convinced dad to let me drive back from the airport. my parents freaked out a little if i put on any bit of speed or swerved in my lane the slightest, because i hadn't driven for months. i thought their concern was unnecessary, but i will admit to a bit of the wobbly driving. gave dad a little bottle of disaronno that i found inexplicably lurking in our cabinet while cleaning. he poured us all drinks in his pretty german provincial shotglasses (i got the one of the litle boy being spanked - i'm still not sure why that's the image - what town chooses that for their emblem). i downed my drink in one gulp to the consternation of my folks. oops. don't drink good booze like you're at a frat party.

mom heated some leftover lasagne for me, while i gave them a very enthusuastic and rather unfocused account of the premiere i had been to, and movies i'd seen, and things i'd learned in my classes that were interesting. discovered that dad seems to have a thing for jessica alba. i haven't decided if it's upsetting when i learn things like that or not. i think maybe not. the conversation was more unfocused due to combined enthusiasm and exhaustion than the alcohol. half a shot of low proof liqueur is not enought to get me anything. but, mmm, it was tasty. not like the paint-thinner shit i drink at school. had a second one, slowly.

kat brought by the rest of my posessions later that night and i crashed. woke up sore at 3:30 the next day. i showered la off my body and lounged about the house. dad went to a baseball game with his friend (i so didn't want to go, dull!), so mom and i went to dinner. it was a nice little vegetarian place we know. stopped at the library on the way back and lounged about some more.

today, i have to begin arranging my lesson plans. i made an appointment to stop in the office early friday and drop off the photocopying i need done. also, i've collared mat into taking me to find a good, cheap mountain bike for getting around next year. i'm going to make him take me riding and show me all the nice trails, etc. i'm hoping to become all outdoorsey in shape.

i've got all sorts of big plans, high hopes, for this summer, like that one. we'll have to see how they pan out, though. but yaaaaay!!! i am so home!


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