June 11, 2005

gift horses and genetics

so i'm going home in, like, a week and i haven't worked out exactly how i'm getting there. i'm going to end up living out of the westwood starbucks bathroom with my carry-ons for wont of having scheduled a flight outta here. just finished the first final - genetics - and when i came back, felt as if the brain had been eaten out of the back of my head while i was distracted. (very shaun of the dead) did not have a good study for it last night. i kept being distracted by KoL and fanny hill, which i've begun reading because i stumbled across it online one day while being all curious about banned books. i figured, i'll read it for it's amusing social history. namely, the fact that you can't watch aa WWII film or old-school prison movie (where the inmates are lovable anti-heros, and not creepy in ass-pounding way) without hearing it's mention. so i wondered: is it really as titiallating as all these fictional characters seem to think so? yeah, it's pretty raunch. moreso than genetics book, despite the clinical photos of naked "women" who are genetic males. (isn't gender ambiguity grand?) mentioned in an away message last night that studying bio generally makes me horny...which is true, but frankly reading sex scenes doesn't help, either. (i think it's just my default setting when i get bored, actually. at least, during certain parts of the month.) kim read msg and offered to send me a vibrator. as a present, or charity, or something. i demanded it it be new, because - ew. she also offered to draw me a little manual of helpful tips and pointers and prodders. i told her that she had boundary issues, or not enough. on my way to take the test this morning, i stood behind a couple making out on a street corner, waiting for the light to change. i burned myself the other day, and it started to itch and peel while i was trying to not look too put off by their loove. started picking at it. my ringfinger is festering. with the contrast, i though that was a little funny. got to the testing room and dug in my purse for my test-taking materials. found the dna earrings kat gave me months ago and i haven't worn for ages. probably because they were stashed away in my purse. put them on for luck, and decided to see good omens everywhere. i got assigned a left-handed desk - yay, i always deliberately sit in those for test-taking. sign. i got the green copy of the test, not white. green is my favorite color. sign. don't know how helpful my little omens really were, but i came back to the apartment with my eyes unfocused, and went to nap. i deserved it after 3 hours sitting in a tight little aisle, all cramped to the left to write, doing linkage problems and ordering the genes on Hfr inserts. it's enough to drive a girl to drink. another thing i've been wanthing to do since last night's boredom. *sigh* the horny and the binge-y feelings always come at the least opportune times. for example, i imagine they'll be in full effect all summer back home, where it's highly unlikely i'll be able to really satisfy either. (my male friends aren't...just, no.) but i have kim's hypothetical present to look forward to. why is kim sending me long, rectangular packages that whir? i don't know, mom. open it? alright, dad....but, ooh! can't i just do that in my room, alone, and then never speak about this again? you're curious and want to know what i got? trust me, you're not that curious. but awkward boundary issues aside, i'm looking forward to going home. i'm just not sure how. *sigh* so if you see me wandering around westwood in july, clutching a little bag of my effects and shiny plastic shaft, take some pity on me and buy me a hamburger or something, kay?


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