June 28, 2005

*does jig*

since coming home, it's been terribly difficult to tear me away from the sci-fi channel. i love it! had it been part of my la cable package last year, i'm strongly doubt i would have gotten anything done. tonight, i watched "stargate" for like 6 hours straight while sewing on my living room floor. apart from the back strain, it was great! i can't actually watch stargate in la. because jim and blaize are such fans, any liking for it that i betray seems like i'm sucking up or something. which sucks, because i find the show terribly amusing. the same way i used to watch "sliders" and "quantum leap" every day when i got home from middle school. man, i love me my cheesy sci-fi tv. i feel a little vindicated, though, that priya loves it, ubergeek that she is. so i can actually talk to someone about it without feeling like a dickhead. because, aah, yay! wayne brady played an evil guy for, like, 15 min on friday's episode. i couldn't stop cracking up. and this season, the cast is joined by "crichton" and "aeryn sun" from "farscape." fuck DAMN that makes me happy. i loved that show (mostly while "zhaan" was still a regular cast member). and, as i keep crooning, "it's sci-fi incest!" yes, i just quoted myself. go on and hate me now.

apart from the new domestic hobby and the television black pit off doom i seem to have fallen into, i've been working. i started today! i think this may have the potential to not suck. which is actually quite optimistic, if you know me at all and were not recently hit in the head with a rock. i have another 4 weeks to go (minus a day - the 4th of july, fridays, and weekends), so it's a bit premature to really call it. but ow, my throat has been scratchy for days and days. the same way it gets before i come down with a sore throat, only lasting for far longer. i'm not sure what the deal is. if i were getting sick, the cold should have struck far before now. but no, whatever this is, it just sits here and lingers. guh. unpleasant with all the talking i do. the kids seem cool, some of them very cool, though, so hopefully i'll have some fun. and you know, if this doesn't let up, i'll just resort to taking shots of hard liquor before bed.

i feel really time-pressed through. not in a stressfull way, but more because there's simply so much to do. apart from the fact that i have about 50 million books in the house that i'd like to read, i want to buy a bike (which necessitates me driving down to stanford some afternoon), i need to unpack my clothes still, i need to clean my room and sort out what i want to give to charity, i want to set up some speakers, and re-caulk the tub, and figure out whether i can make the old scanner work with the generic power module, and make a costco run, and sort the rest of my materials for the writing class, and finish my sewing project, of course. there was more that i was thinking about earlier and have forgotten now, but you understand. and these are just the things that are pressing on my mind minute-to-minute. there's a whole slew of other ideas that are on my "back burner" while i deal with everything else. sigh, this is why i'm so spazzy. maybe this friday, i'll just grab someone and cart them to the beach. lie in the sand not caring what crevaces it makes its way into and listen to the gulls, hoping they don't poop on me. sounds lovely. caaaw caaaaw caaaaw

god, i'm exhausted. bed now.


At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

be careful, baby. I had a sore throat for like 2 weeks, and now I have freaking pneumonia. buggery.



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