June 15, 2005

countdown to punken revelries

one more final to go and i have yet to shrivel up and devolve into a completely incoherent mess of ire. hurrah! tonight i slack, but, tomorrow i dive bodily into the spine of a chemistry book with a spash of functional groups and big globs of pulpy paper. chances are i'll spend all day spazzing out like mad, muttering about sn2 and nucleophiles and strong bases. currently am watching death to smoochy. so far, best fucking movie ever. "heil smoochy!"

so looking forward to finishing finals. going to get drunk (to somewhere before throwup time), and i'm get to do it at another themed amy and elissa bash. brit rock. oooh, girls, you do good. frankly, they're going through a list of all my little boy-fetishes, at least indirectly. mmm...hooligans. unfortunately, if last party was any indication, none of the boys will dress up like sexy, sexy punks. none of the boys will dress up as much of anything. but i can always dream.


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