June 18, 2005


it's a bad sign when i make drinking metaphors for chem concepts. weak bases can "hold their charge" like good alcoholics can "hold their liquor."

also bad sign when i start personifying flourine as a crotchety old man, miserly coveting his electrons.

and when i simultaneously (and contradictorily) take umbridge at book/lecture descriptions of acidity as "willingness to give up protons," as if the molecules thinking about it.

when i think of 3,3-diethyl pentane (or any similarly shaped molecule) as "tiny carbon swastikas."

when i start seeing faces in badly-drawn aromatic rings.

i see the group "COOCH3" and think simultaneously of rappers and charro. charro rapping. god.

(the above was written at about 2 am the night before my chem final)


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