June 04, 2005

brain thinks

i was thinking about george lucas today. been in one of my little irreverant moods in which i can't get anything done at all, but i think about everything. all at once. and it gets brilliantly garbled and spit back out like minestrone soup. it is the mood of bad metaphors. spent much of last night drawing amino acids and lying. tonight, i've been drawing forest animal tea time and chatting rapidly with various people fun. example:

me: "who would win a metaphorical knife fight? honesty, truth, or a cougar?" (from abel and baker - check it out, so cute)
jim: well a cougar doesn't have opposable thumbs
jim: although it does have claws
me: that's what i'm thinking
jim: but since the other two are merely concepts
jim: i'm gonna have to say the cougar
me: also, i bet honesty has some pretty wicked spines
me: like those dinosaurs i'm thinking about
me: or a killer robot
me: i pretty much envision honesty as a killer robot
jim: honesty can be brutal
jim: but the truth can hurt
me: truth is a little cube of wood
me: maybe just over a foot on each side
jim: not exactly
jim: truth is a huge flaming raptor
jim: of death
jim: kind of the opposite of a cube, actually
me: are you saying your raptor of death can defeat my killer robot of honesty?
jim: yes
me: well, bring it on!

a little bit shocked that he humored me. never plays along.

but back to george lucas. so, rumor has it that nicole kidman does do little nose twitch in bewitched remake. and denise was wondering if she really could twitch her nose. i think they did it cgi. everything is now. and if you think about it, it would explain george lucas' neck. yes! it's like those birds that have big, red neck sacs they inflate to attract the ladies. except with a goiter. through some odd quirk of nature, he finds giant goiter-necks alluring and has had his endowment digitally enhanced for maximum rrowr factor.

...well, then you try and explain it, smarty!

right now, someone outside my window is playing phantom of the opera on a flute and someone else is singing. i'm comforted to know that the world has gone crazy around me. horray for nutters world.

bought the best shirt today online. darth vadar is trimming a hedge into the shape of a death star. eeeeee!!! can't wait to get it, only, i sent it to home, not here, so maybe i'll make mom bring it when she comes to drive me up. just so i can wear it sooner.

okay, a little sleepy and maybe if i wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow, i'll achieve things. like school. must try. bye!


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