June 28, 2005

newton's second law

so...productive. ow. woke up at 6:45 today, drove to work, taught until 2, went to costco, picked up some necessities and also not necessities (got eternal sunshine, hurrah!), home, washed my hair, had dinner, helped mom in the garden for a bit, set up our wireless network so my airport express was connected to big, fancy airport and i could stream music on the express with the weaker signal while enjoying the fancy's stronger signal and faster connection time (very pleased when i succeeded), then i tried setting up a dos emulator for my mac so i can play old supersolvers games (have to set it up in unix; i don't know unix - problem, but i made a good start). so i did so many things today. and tomorrow will be just as busy. and there are so many things that i want to do in general. i'm amazed at me. usually i'm so lethrgic. but force me to wake up before noon and suddenly i'm a different person. a much more accomplished person. also, i tote my laptop around with me wherever i go. it's useful in teaching. and distracting when the kids are bored. ("look a simpsons episode! if you promise not to hate me, i'll put it on!") we're bonding like cops from different backgrounds and races, suddenly partnered together and then forced to ferret out corruption within our own precinct (laptop and me, not the kids - nooo). and i'm still very protective like mamma bear. i had other thoughts to write, but those will wait until i've gotten more sleep, i think. i may spend the entire month subsisting on 6 hours/day. you know, as is opposed to my accustomary 11. but tomorrow, i may buy a bike or sort through my possessions for things i can give to charity, or start tearing up our scraggly lawn, or re-caulk my parents' tub. you never know what will happen once i get going. yes! and those are just the reasonably expectable things i might do. i could write the next great american novel or train a seeing eye dog to chew the legs off of child molesters. the possibilities are limitless when you're awake!

*does jig*

since coming home, it's been terribly difficult to tear me away from the sci-fi channel. i love it! had it been part of my la cable package last year, i'm strongly doubt i would have gotten anything done. tonight, i watched "stargate" for like 6 hours straight while sewing on my living room floor. apart from the back strain, it was great! i can't actually watch stargate in la. because jim and blaize are such fans, any liking for it that i betray seems like i'm sucking up or something. which sucks, because i find the show terribly amusing. the same way i used to watch "sliders" and "quantum leap" every day when i got home from middle school. man, i love me my cheesy sci-fi tv. i feel a little vindicated, though, that priya loves it, ubergeek that she is. so i can actually talk to someone about it without feeling like a dickhead. because, aah, yay! wayne brady played an evil guy for, like, 15 min on friday's episode. i couldn't stop cracking up. and this season, the cast is joined by "crichton" and "aeryn sun" from "farscape." fuck DAMN that makes me happy. i loved that show (mostly while "zhaan" was still a regular cast member). and, as i keep crooning, "it's sci-fi incest!" yes, i just quoted myself. go on and hate me now.

apart from the new domestic hobby and the television black pit off doom i seem to have fallen into, i've been working. i started today! i think this may have the potential to not suck. which is actually quite optimistic, if you know me at all and were not recently hit in the head with a rock. i have another 4 weeks to go (minus a day - the 4th of july, fridays, and weekends), so it's a bit premature to really call it. but ow, my throat has been scratchy for days and days. the same way it gets before i come down with a sore throat, only lasting for far longer. i'm not sure what the deal is. if i were getting sick, the cold should have struck far before now. but no, whatever this is, it just sits here and lingers. guh. unpleasant with all the talking i do. the kids seem cool, some of them very cool, though, so hopefully i'll have some fun. and you know, if this doesn't let up, i'll just resort to taking shots of hard liquor before bed.

i feel really time-pressed through. not in a stressfull way, but more because there's simply so much to do. apart from the fact that i have about 50 million books in the house that i'd like to read, i want to buy a bike (which necessitates me driving down to stanford some afternoon), i need to unpack my clothes still, i need to clean my room and sort out what i want to give to charity, i want to set up some speakers, and re-caulk the tub, and figure out whether i can make the old scanner work with the generic power module, and make a costco run, and sort the rest of my materials for the writing class, and finish my sewing project, of course. there was more that i was thinking about earlier and have forgotten now, but you understand. and these are just the things that are pressing on my mind minute-to-minute. there's a whole slew of other ideas that are on my "back burner" while i deal with everything else. sigh, this is why i'm so spazzy. maybe this friday, i'll just grab someone and cart them to the beach. lie in the sand not caring what crevaces it makes its way into and listen to the gulls, hoping they don't poop on me. sounds lovely. caaaw caaaaw caaaaw

god, i'm exhausted. bed now.

June 22, 2005

guess what!

i'm home. hooome! hom.

it took forever to get us out of the apartment sunday and monday: packing and carting and storing. we took all the non-necessary stuff to a storage place and crammed everything else into kat's car. once everything was stored, we had to clean the apartment, but that job was half-assed because we were all in such a hurry to leave. i had to go to the airport and kat had to drive home. the landlord came by and looked around and pointed out the dirty places in our apartment we needed to clean. didn't get to them all, so i think we're gonna be fined. but, oh well, we couldn't help the timing.

jim helped with the storage part and then drove me to the airport, which was really nice, and i made him late for a party. he kind of confuses me - is really (super) nice doing me big favors like that or taking care of booze-sick me, but the rest of the time seems pretty much completely ambivalent towards me with the not seeing and not talking.

on the way to the airport jim was worried i'd miss my flight. i wasn't, but didn't want to say anything. sort of figured it was more anxiety about his being late, rather then me, and that i shouldn't say anything, just let him freak out in peace. but really, i've never missed a flight, even when i've had to get through ginormous holiday out-the-terminal-and-around-the-block lines to get through security, with 15 min before my flight. god seems to smile on last-minute fliers. though jim did start yelling "this is why i don't believe in you" at the sky when a giant turning tour bus blocked our lane and the next just blocks from the airport. i laughed inside, and thought, "this is pretty much why i do," but i think we were talking about different gods.

got home late and convinced dad to let me drive back from the airport. my parents freaked out a little if i put on any bit of speed or swerved in my lane the slightest, because i hadn't driven for months. i thought their concern was unnecessary, but i will admit to a bit of the wobbly driving. gave dad a little bottle of disaronno that i found inexplicably lurking in our cabinet while cleaning. he poured us all drinks in his pretty german provincial shotglasses (i got the one of the litle boy being spanked - i'm still not sure why that's the image - what town chooses that for their emblem). i downed my drink in one gulp to the consternation of my folks. oops. don't drink good booze like you're at a frat party.

mom heated some leftover lasagne for me, while i gave them a very enthusuastic and rather unfocused account of the premiere i had been to, and movies i'd seen, and things i'd learned in my classes that were interesting. discovered that dad seems to have a thing for jessica alba. i haven't decided if it's upsetting when i learn things like that or not. i think maybe not. the conversation was more unfocused due to combined enthusiasm and exhaustion than the alcohol. half a shot of low proof liqueur is not enought to get me anything. but, mmm, it was tasty. not like the paint-thinner shit i drink at school. had a second one, slowly.

kat brought by the rest of my posessions later that night and i crashed. woke up sore at 3:30 the next day. i showered la off my body and lounged about the house. dad went to a baseball game with his friend (i so didn't want to go, dull!), so mom and i went to dinner. it was a nice little vegetarian place we know. stopped at the library on the way back and lounged about some more.

today, i have to begin arranging my lesson plans. i made an appointment to stop in the office early friday and drop off the photocopying i need done. also, i've collared mat into taking me to find a good, cheap mountain bike for getting around next year. i'm going to make him take me riding and show me all the nice trails, etc. i'm hoping to become all outdoorsey in shape.

i've got all sorts of big plans, high hopes, for this summer, like that one. we'll have to see how they pan out, though. but yaaaaay!!! i am so home!

June 18, 2005


it's a bad sign when i make drinking metaphors for chem concepts. weak bases can "hold their charge" like good alcoholics can "hold their liquor."

also bad sign when i start personifying flourine as a crotchety old man, miserly coveting his electrons.

and when i simultaneously (and contradictorily) take umbridge at book/lecture descriptions of acidity as "willingness to give up protons," as if the molecules thinking about it.

when i think of 3,3-diethyl pentane (or any similarly shaped molecule) as "tiny carbon swastikas."

when i start seeing faces in badly-drawn aromatic rings.

i see the group "COOCH3" and think simultaneously of rappers and charro. charro rapping. god.

(the above was written at about 2 am the night before my chem final)

June 15, 2005

countdown to punken revelries

one more final to go and i have yet to shrivel up and devolve into a completely incoherent mess of ire. hurrah! tonight i slack, but, tomorrow i dive bodily into the spine of a chemistry book with a spash of functional groups and big globs of pulpy paper. chances are i'll spend all day spazzing out like mad, muttering about sn2 and nucleophiles and strong bases. currently am watching death to smoochy. so far, best fucking movie ever. "heil smoochy!"

so looking forward to finishing finals. going to get drunk (to somewhere before throwup time), and i'm get to do it at another themed amy and elissa bash. brit rock. oooh, girls, you do good. frankly, they're going through a list of all my little boy-fetishes, at least indirectly. mmm...hooligans. unfortunately, if last party was any indication, none of the boys will dress up like sexy, sexy punks. none of the boys will dress up as much of anything. but i can always dream.

June 13, 2005

musical interlude

have had a thing for egotistical love songs lately. rolling stones' "under my thumb," dandy warhols' "i love you" jonathan coulton's "skullcrusher island" and, while i'm at it, depeche mode's "it's no good." i keep wanting to quote them everywhere:

i love you (32x)

i only just met you before,
but i can't understand
you don't want me more.

you may-be think I'm
too smart and weird,
but that should only
make you want to hear that,

i love you (16x)

obviously not in love, though, so i can't really say what's really been bringing this on.

ahhh, so thrilled, though. i finally have a flight scheduled monday to go home, get out of my mold-infested apartment, which is now also supporting a healthy population of fruit flies. the biologist in me wants to trap them and expose them to radiation...but that's beside the point, sort of.

i’m so into you
but i’m way too smart for you
even my henchmen think I’m crazy
i’m not surprised that you agree
if you could find some way to be
a little bit less afraid of me
you’d see the voices that control me from inside my head
say i shouldn’t kill you yet

i made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you
but i get the feeling that you don’t like it
what’s with all the screaming?
you like monkeys, you like ponies
maybe you don’t like monsters so much
maybe I used too many monkeys
isn’t it enough to know that i ruined a pony making a gift for you?

but i'm having a wonderfully wistful time thinking of home and all the fabulous things i'll do when i get there. (when not working, that is.) beach with my friends, evenings at the (newly remodeled) stanford theater watching classic old films, late nights at the donut shop eating pastries and bullshitting with my crew (yo). i'm gonna drag mat out into the hills and make him show me pretty hiking trails. shakespeare in the park is putting on much ado about nothing, my most favorite play ever. (i'm totally beatrice. which means my wit won't ever let me admit to the weakness of being in love - that's right, personality flaw.) mum and i go every year, sit on blankets and just chill. and there are the annual art and wine festivals in every city that we like to go to. and the weekends i can grab people and drive out to sf or down to monterey for shopping of staring at lovely fishes (another remodel that i'm absolutely thrilled about). i'm going to try and re-connect with the costume store crew and maybe tag along to renfaire again this year, dressed up like a right medieval trollop. and the rest of the time, i intend to spend shuttling back and forth between home, the library, and hollywood video. i have whole reading list made up, and i intend on convincing mom to join one of those unlimited rental deals so i can go absolutely mad. i can totally convince her to do it, too. hurrah for powers of persuasion!

It's down to me, yes it is
The way she does just what she's told
Down to me, the change has come
She's under my thumb
Ah, ah, say it's alright

Under my thumb
A siamese cat of a girl
Under my thumb
She's the sweetest, hmmm, pet in the world

though i say mum is more of a puppy than a cat. (this is what comes when you don't buy me a proper pet when i'm little, dad. i make one of my own mother. eh! eh!)

but right now, i have to slog through whole mess of finals and clouds of tiny flies and many, many pages of science bullshit. it's driving me so crazy that today i listened to the same song on repeat for, like, half an hour before realizing it and hitting "forward." the sad thing is, that i was even singing along. my sleep schedule has turned into some strange mess, and my eating habits are spotty unless kat and i do a proper dinner. i've also been slacking like mad, completely unable to concentrate, like some scary lobotomy patient. i just want this all to be over, but at least i'm not in breakdown mode like i was last year - heh. but i hate finals so, i can't wait, can't wait, can't wait until they're through. and then, finally i can get home to the little city i love. hurrah, sigh, and yay. and you must come play with me up north. visit, or if you live there, we will most assuredly hang out. it will be wonderful, you know you can't resist seductive luuuure of the bay.

i'll be fine
i'll be waiting patiently
till you see the signs
and come running to my open arms
when will you realize
do we have to wait till our worlds collide
open up your eyes
you've got to back the tide

don't say you want me
don't say you need me
don't say you love me
it's understood
don't say you're happy
out there without me
i know you can't be
cos it's no good

June 11, 2005

gift horses and genetics

so i'm going home in, like, a week and i haven't worked out exactly how i'm getting there. i'm going to end up living out of the westwood starbucks bathroom with my carry-ons for wont of having scheduled a flight outta here. just finished the first final - genetics - and when i came back, felt as if the brain had been eaten out of the back of my head while i was distracted. (very shaun of the dead) did not have a good study for it last night. i kept being distracted by KoL and fanny hill, which i've begun reading because i stumbled across it online one day while being all curious about banned books. i figured, i'll read it for it's amusing social history. namely, the fact that you can't watch aa WWII film or old-school prison movie (where the inmates are lovable anti-heros, and not creepy in ass-pounding way) without hearing it's mention. so i wondered: is it really as titiallating as all these fictional characters seem to think so? yeah, it's pretty raunch. moreso than genetics book, despite the clinical photos of naked "women" who are genetic males. (isn't gender ambiguity grand?) mentioned in an away message last night that studying bio generally makes me horny...which is true, but frankly reading sex scenes doesn't help, either. (i think it's just my default setting when i get bored, actually. at least, during certain parts of the month.) kim read msg and offered to send me a vibrator. as a present, or charity, or something. i demanded it it be new, because - ew. she also offered to draw me a little manual of helpful tips and pointers and prodders. i told her that she had boundary issues, or not enough. on my way to take the test this morning, i stood behind a couple making out on a street corner, waiting for the light to change. i burned myself the other day, and it started to itch and peel while i was trying to not look too put off by their loove. started picking at it. my ringfinger is festering. with the contrast, i though that was a little funny. got to the testing room and dug in my purse for my test-taking materials. found the dna earrings kat gave me months ago and i haven't worn for ages. probably because they were stashed away in my purse. put them on for luck, and decided to see good omens everywhere. i got assigned a left-handed desk - yay, i always deliberately sit in those for test-taking. sign. i got the green copy of the test, not white. green is my favorite color. sign. don't know how helpful my little omens really were, but i came back to the apartment with my eyes unfocused, and went to nap. i deserved it after 3 hours sitting in a tight little aisle, all cramped to the left to write, doing linkage problems and ordering the genes on Hfr inserts. it's enough to drive a girl to drink. another thing i've been wanthing to do since last night's boredom. *sigh* the horny and the binge-y feelings always come at the least opportune times. for example, i imagine they'll be in full effect all summer back home, where it's highly unlikely i'll be able to really satisfy either. (my male friends aren't...just, no.) but i have kim's hypothetical present to look forward to. why is kim sending me long, rectangular packages that whir? i don't know, mom. open it? alright, dad....but, ooh! can't i just do that in my room, alone, and then never speak about this again? you're curious and want to know what i got? trust me, you're not that curious. but awkward boundary issues aside, i'm looking forward to going home. i'm just not sure how. *sigh* so if you see me wandering around westwood in july, clutching a little bag of my effects and shiny plastic shaft, take some pity on me and buy me a hamburger or something, kay?

June 06, 2005

remember tock?

had a little run-in with nature today.

i volunteered to help a random grad student with her field work. counting, tagging, etc. of a certain type of californian wild grass. it's been pretty much competed out of its natural ranges due to the introduction of other, faster-growing grasses. so i spent my day slogging through a field in a state park, counting flowering stalks. sort of enjoyable, actually, even though conservation biology is not my fav. i got to wear anti-snake shinguards and eat a sandwich while sitting in dirt. i realized little black beetles have an inordinate fondness for me and i got to beat landscaping into submission with a bit of pvc. saw the cutest little grey bunnies with white fluffy tails and pert little ears (i very nearly went "woodja woodja woodja" it was so cute) and red-tailed hawks and maybe a turkey vulture. i like nature.

had to wake up quite early. was halfway through my bowl of cereal when judi called that she was outside. drank ceral solids hurridly, turned off the billy idol music had been grooving to (mmm...bleached-blonde snarl attitude black leather 80's), grabbed indiana jones hat and ran out. turns out the park was right next to jason's (from last year) house. i mean, right next door to his impossibly posh little gated, fountained, landscaped neighborhood. that struck me as a bit odd in small-world way. was slogging through nettles and stabby grass right nearby, so half-expected to see him jogging past on isolated access road, trying desperately to exercise away death.

it was a bit overcast, thankfully, so it wasn't overly warm. still, slathered on gobs of coppertone, not trusting my nucleotide base repair capabilities, evidently. it got into my eyes and made me blink and burn for a bit. wore my lovely hat and had the urge to pose all day in typically outdoorsey shots - sideways, one leg bent, arm megestically resting on pvc walking stick as if it were royal sceptor, am image of explorer/naturalist/outdoorsey girl.

i thought i handled myself quite well, actually. not squeamish. dove right in to thistley plants without whimper. rolled in dirt. envisioned myself some sort of mountain lion predator crouching in tall grasses, waiting for prey. (which would be tall male, standing with his back to me. as hunter, i would pounce lithely, landing on his back. then i would gnaw on one of his ears for a bit in an obnoxious manner. ...i'm apparently not a particularly deadly predator.) pointed out interesting bugs. did not hate snakes (despite hat). all that good stuff.

was warned, when leaving, to shower and check clothes for ticks when i got back hone. got home. put up cheeky away message "showering to wash off the horrible sunblock. and possibly the ticks." undressing to shower, i saw something on my pants. not the pointy grass seeds i had been picking out of every article of clothing, including my shoelaces and remarkably, bra, all day, but a...gasp! horror!...tick!!

i sqealed and threw the pants (with tick) onto the floor and did "yucky" squirm, the likes of which are only seen danced on tabletops when 50's housewives spot mice. eventually, i worked up the courage to pick the pants up, as well as a little wad of toilet paper to dispatch the threat. but i couldn't find the tick! where'd it go? where'd it go? ew ew ew!! eventualy, saw it had crawled to the inside of the waistband and picked it up to crush it. squished, checked: not dead. squished, checked: not dead. damn resillent tick. freaked out a little. put down paper, started stabbing at it with my hard fingernails until i felt a pop. checked. thank god, dead tick. then i freaked out again. envisioned tick crawling from wreckage of toilet paper grave to suck my blood in my sleep. i threw it away in the kitchen trash. did another icky dance. freaked out about other, invisible ticks hiding in my clothing, dropped off of me onto all my possessions, lurking in wait to avenge their fallen comrade. ticks make me irrational.

flipped out and imed everybody with general "ewwwwwww!!!!!" sentiments. went to go "shower in scalding hot ddt and raid and then scrub off all my moles in tick paranoia." i was terrified that there were ticks hiding in my hair. so, i went back into my bathroom and beat the hell out of it, shaking my head like mad, scratching through it, clapping my hands on it to kill anything lurking (ew!) in my hair. then i showered.

soaped, shampooed and felt some hard foreign object caught in my hair. did another little yucky squealing dance and ran my head under very hot water for a good minute straight chanting "tick! tick! tick! tick!" like the dog in the phantom tollbooth. finally regained the sense to comb through my hair, during the execution of which, i lberated a very frightened pointy grass seed. not a tick. finished bathing, much relieved, after i assured myself there was nothing more sinister caught in my locks.

bundled up all my clothing and ran to do my laundry. get rid of any ticks not clever enough to crawl out of my dirty clothes and hide themselves against later attack. i'm still a bit jumpy, actually.

the thought of ticks gets me all squeamish. and frankly, i'm a bit disappointed no one was around to offer to check me for ticks. grooming me like an ape. we could make jane goodall jokes and have a good old laugh. ("i'll be jane and you can by my gorilla lover." "ours is the love that dare not speak its name." "hey! gorillas do not speak. they converse through an adapted form of american sign language; if you want to say something, just do it that way." ">gesture<" "oh, you damn, dirty ape. (rawr).") it would have earned anyone 5000 points in my esteem and diffused the horror of the previous half hour. but, sadly, no.


god those ticks are nasty. ugh!

June 04, 2005

brain thinks

i was thinking about george lucas today. been in one of my little irreverant moods in which i can't get anything done at all, but i think about everything. all at once. and it gets brilliantly garbled and spit back out like minestrone soup. it is the mood of bad metaphors. spent much of last night drawing amino acids and lying. tonight, i've been drawing forest animal tea time and chatting rapidly with various people fun. example:

me: "who would win a metaphorical knife fight? honesty, truth, or a cougar?" (from abel and baker - check it out, so cute)
jim: well a cougar doesn't have opposable thumbs
jim: although it does have claws
me: that's what i'm thinking
jim: but since the other two are merely concepts
jim: i'm gonna have to say the cougar
me: also, i bet honesty has some pretty wicked spines
me: like those dinosaurs i'm thinking about
me: or a killer robot
me: i pretty much envision honesty as a killer robot
jim: honesty can be brutal
jim: but the truth can hurt
me: truth is a little cube of wood
me: maybe just over a foot on each side
jim: not exactly
jim: truth is a huge flaming raptor
jim: of death
jim: kind of the opposite of a cube, actually
me: are you saying your raptor of death can defeat my killer robot of honesty?
jim: yes
me: well, bring it on!

a little bit shocked that he humored me. never plays along.

but back to george lucas. so, rumor has it that nicole kidman does do little nose twitch in bewitched remake. and denise was wondering if she really could twitch her nose. i think they did it cgi. everything is now. and if you think about it, it would explain george lucas' neck. yes! it's like those birds that have big, red neck sacs they inflate to attract the ladies. except with a goiter. through some odd quirk of nature, he finds giant goiter-necks alluring and has had his endowment digitally enhanced for maximum rrowr factor.

...well, then you try and explain it, smarty!

right now, someone outside my window is playing phantom of the opera on a flute and someone else is singing. i'm comforted to know that the world has gone crazy around me. horray for nutters world.

bought the best shirt today online. darth vadar is trimming a hedge into the shape of a death star. eeeeee!!! can't wait to get it, only, i sent it to home, not here, so maybe i'll make mom bring it when she comes to drive me up. just so i can wear it sooner.

okay, a little sleepy and maybe if i wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow, i'll achieve things. like school. must try. bye!

June 02, 2005

i'm just gonna say it again...proboscis!

have developed dirty new late-night pleasure. well, not so much dirty, actually. not even guilty, really. classic x-files episodes from the pre-mulder-abduction era and laptop, well, on my lap. mmm....baby. kicks everything's ass.

sigh, so i suppose a recap of the past couple of weeks might be in order.

goth party: chatted up several new people, including guy i had little distance crush on last year in the dorms. or rather, thought was terribly cute. but only when he was all punk hooligan-ed out. he wasn't for the party, pity. when not all bleached and leather-jacketed, skinny pants and you could hear the sex pistols in your head, he's a little pudgy-faced jawlineless. actually, vaguely jimish features. talked to his bespectacled bio major friend about star wars and dug the geeked out convo. made other conversations in various stages of drunkenness until i was vomiting unhappy off the balcony. there are photos, even, which amy has kindly posted with the rest of the party picts. not cool, actually. (bit pissed off about that.) eventually, jim carried me home. he and kat took care of me. i showered and changed and passed out and eventually all was well. the next day i spent lying on the ground in my living room reading, trying to fight off the nausia. though i think now, i have a bit of a poison reaction to alcohol. shots make me want to retch and cocktails make me queasy. at least i spend my summers mostly not drinking anyways.

the next monday and wednesday, i had midterms in bio and chem, respectively. bio was alright, well, mediocre. chem was a bitch. i would wake up from dreams with images of chemical reactions in my head and no idea how the mechanisms worked. would panic. learned everything pretty much satisfactorily for the test, took it and it was a bitch. and i did, well, mediocrely. at least by comparison. high: 75, avg: 32, low: -1. yes, negative. shit, right? chem pains me. after that, went home, and napped. waking up, i had images of deep-fried functional groups in my head. i was eating them with chopsticks. ketones were best. stuck my tongue in the loop of the double bond and broke it. num. hung out with jim that night in a, um, cozy way and still kept having mechanism flashbacks. found that terribly amusing, but in one of those -mildly insulting if i share- ways. the chem post-traumatic stress dreams have ended, thank god, but i'm sure they'll return in time for finals.

rather uneventful rest of the week. kat went home, so it was just me and roosh. restocked the fridge friday with all my favorite foods and was in the best mood. friday i spent at sadaf's hanging out with her and the gang. played pool a bit, but mostly watched them. turns out, i'm crap, unless i have someone pointing out exactly where i should hit the ball. yay for kevin's help! sadaf got me dining hall dinner, and i watched the boys brawl amusingly and threaten one another with pool cues. wanted to go to the sci-fi convention sat, but woke up too late for any of the things i really wanted to see. sadaf came by and we cooked a big dinner for her friends. that's how the sink was clogged. people came by, ate, sat around, joked, brawled a bit more, played n64, and watched charade. the rest of the weekend was spent pretty much bitching about the sink and listening to lecture recordings for the final i need to make up. have a lot more of that to do, though.

had tried to go to the long beach aquarium all weekend, but could never make it work. disappointing, but now it means kat gets to go, too. means my firends get to comiserate, sharing amazed and creeped-out looks behind my back as i squeal and giggle and point at the pretty fishies. ten-to-one i giggle and jump up and down a least once. blaize can come, too, complete the set of people who think me lunatics. har. but i will go. will! cuz i do love me my 'quariums.

mmreh, that more or less sums things up. am left with vague, niggling impression that i fuck everything up just a little. but the x-files will comfort me. this has to be te best epp. i've ever seen. it's about a boy with an "eating disorder" - he turns into a weird earless bald thing and eats people's brains. big self-help fan, he's trying to control his urges. his fake ear just fell off and he had to surreptitiously pick it up from the floor and squash it back into place. mulder lurks around and asks him random questions with a smug knowing look. and he said "proboscis!" hee!! i get such i kick out of mulder saying "proboscis," not fair. and now crazy boy is describing the amazing taste of brains to a room full of overeaters, anonymous. they're writhing in joy and foaming at the mouth with him. mmm...brains... (did you just say brains?) no, chicken! i mean chicken! damn i love me that chicken!! (hmm...chicken is good.) heheheh...you don't know what i'm referring to. but i think this post is pretty much dead. like proboscisboy's brain trust victims. tee!