May 30, 2005

my ocd receptors are going into burnout mode

maintenance has the day off. the kitchen must remain festering shithole until tomorrow. they must take apart the sink and fix everything. liquid plumber eats away at the fixtures and, evidently, i should have known better than to put too many peels down the disposal. (it's a disposal, frankly, that's what i thought they were for.) but now the entire main room of my apartment is disgusting and guilt-inducing and i'm still disinclined to eat. at least i don't have class tomorrow so i can clean as soon as everything is fixed. oh, and i woke up at 8 today to try and get everything worked out as soon as possible. apalling, right? i am going to chalk this up to a learning experience or something, maturity bullshit. god, why won't you let me clean??


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