May 31, 2005

ms. clean

all i blog about now is my sink, but it is literally most interesting thing in my life at the moment. no, shutup! really. har now i can say i write about everything. har. so the landlord and maintenance man came by this morning to fix it and to supervize fixing it, in reverse order. i was in bed. the progression of events as i heard them, half asleep, through my wll were: stand around and discuss liquid plumber, run disposal, pause, mutterings, run disposal, pause, mutterings, run disposal. at this oint i got out of bed, put on pants and went to see what they were doing. they pointed to the drain and told me it was fixed. sink was running, no water was backed up. i just stared at it. they left.

so, my sink did just miraculously fix itself. my wanting that to happen, my periodic wandering into the kitchen and staring at it, willing that to happen, my whining that i wished it would happen, it seems were not childinsh, then, but oracular. i went back to bed for a bit. woke up again and did my dishes. scrub, scrub, scrub. cleaned my counters. the inside of the toaster oven. the inside of the microwave. the cabinet surfaces. stovetop. burner area beneath stovetop. floors. took the rugs outside and shook them. everything is clean. everything. it only took 4 1/2 hours.

i know not all of that was strictly necessary, but i can't do anything halfway. very ocd. and now that the voices in my head have finally shut up, i can take a shower and eat breakfast. maybe watch a spot of tv, and then get back to studying and learning and all that. well, almost. i do have to run to the store and pick up some steel wool so i can scrub the last remaning crusted dregs of burnt rice out of my pot. it took me about 5 boils with soap, water, and baking soda and then a lot of scraping to just get it this clean. so my world has not been entirely righted. just enough so i can stop obsessing so hard. thank god.


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