May 11, 2005

le sigh

unhappy a little. stress of apartment hunt, schoolwork, making a lesson plan, money (or rather the total lack of any of those things) is driving me a bit crazy. i'm either scary and walled-off, or there's a little core of panic with tendrils extended through all my limbs. i've been getting these pangs of loneliness and the stress dreams are returning. i did poorly on my genetics midterm yesterday, rather to my shock and horror. one test is dropped, though, so i'm not completely disheartened. but i'm behind in all my readings, and i way behind in listening to the lectures for my bonus final. with the security deposit for the new apartment, i'm even more broke than i had previously thought. the end of the quarter is quickly looming. and i have hardly begun preparing fot the summer teaching. my baseline state is rather numb to this all, even almost happy, but if the slightest things tips me towards unhappy, i tend to spiral into a gloom pit worthy of an afi fan. there's one thing i'm kind of excited about, and that is a free movie tomorrow night - "maqbool." bollywood rendition of macbeth. purportedly very violent and about hindi underworld bosses and intrigue. it sounds so cool i could just die. must.go.see. i just need to find someone to join. or go alone, like sad girl with no friends, but i will see it. though, with my current disposition, it would be more appropriate if they were showing hamlet. ah, well.


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha welcome to the gloom pit of an AFI fan!



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