May 07, 2005

end of the week

things i saw:

crow picking at a dead squirrel in the middle of the street. i was a bit scared that a car would run over the squirrel and then the crow would be unhappy, deprived of his picking rights.

single ladie's shoe (black strappy heel) wedged beneath the back tire of a car.

lucía y el sexo por la cuarto vez. teehee. todavía me encanta paz vega. canté suavamente y tomé ron.

life of brian because i didn't remember it, and i toasted and ate a bagel. giggled slightly tipsy and threw my arms over my head in joy.

about 500 newscasts about runaway brides/bridegrooms. why is this news? why? first there was the fake kidnapping and then, as backlash, an la man who was missing for like a year. evidently, he was so unwilling to wed he lived as a hobo on venice beach all year. pity he was ever found.

lucky charms commercial in which "lucky" goes to his secret places all happy no one knows of his covert cereals. but of course, the children always track him like bloodhounds and discover new marshmallow shapes and cereal flavors. (now it's chocolate, as if it weren't sugary enough before.) but shouldn't lucky realize that he's always betraying his own hordes? he should just stay away from those places and maybe get a restraining order against his multicultural young stalkers. though, actually, with the rate at which he revels his secrets, he probably has some passive-agressive need to betray himself to these children. lucky, you bastard.

happy girl.


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