May 05, 2005

633|( speek

i've been having very long conversations with mat (i've dropped the extra "t" from his name as i find it superfluous, it will now be spelled and pronounced accordingly) the past couple of nights. they have been delightfully amusing (omg, lol), especially the one i promised not to repeat to anyone (is that not how it always goes?). but here is the other, from about 2 am last night. comments are in bold parentheticals...enjoy.

mat: i could regale you with tales of our heroic struggle against the fire god, Ragnaros (yet another WoW boy i know)
me: is that who you were fighting last time?
me: final boss?
mat: yep
me: and is his name based on ragnarok? (yay norse mythology!!)
mat: mehidunno
me: one of the creators of that game was in jim frat
mat: well regardless of where the name comes from, we got him down to 73% of his total life!!!!
me: horray
me: and still going?
mat: you only really get three tries every 5 days
mat: and only get 2 hours to do it
mat: so no
me: yow
mat: yeah it sucks
mat: used to be only 1 hour
mat: but you get him down to 75 ish percent
mat: and then he spazzes out and becomes immune and spawns a ton of guards that rocked us
me: yow
me: hehe you got pweened
me: that's a geek word i learned(yeah, i suck)
mat: please
mat: it's pwnd
me: i spell it with e's
me: like i speel leet with a 4
mat: nono
mat: 4 = a
mat: 3 = e
me: i know
me: i'm not leet.
me: i'm late (i'm sooo funny)
me: har
me: :D
mat: harhar
mat: so in this game, you can't communicate with the opposite faction
mat: it just gets garbled
me: "you bad"
me: "i wining" ?
mat: but numbers didn't used to get garbled
me: har
mat: so peole would have lengthy conversationgs in "leet speak"
mat: consisting of numbers and punctuation (i love the geek history lesson, 4 realz)
me: and now, i just use it to piss off my geek friends
mat: haha
mat: but yeah, ben erez and all of us
mat: our guild was the Beard of Zeus
mat: so
mat: we'd yell |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!! after pwning someone
me: it's gonna take me a week and a half to translate that into normal people text (i'm so not as cool as i thought)
me: i...
me: thingie
mat: |= 3 4 |2 = Fear
me: e...a...r...t...
mat: + |-| 3 = The
me: ooh
mat: |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!! = Beard !!!!!
me: i got some of that (shakes head sadly: no)
me: howja make a W?
mat: \/\/
me: those are real letter, though
mat: no
me: oh, no
mat: \ / \ /
mat: slashes
me: n?
me: |\| ?
mat: yep
me: 1 \/\/1|\|
me: har!
me: much shorter
me: no double enteande (i'm thinking "beard")
mat: yeah except you'd just make a macro so you press one button and it says it and you can spam it
mat: sorta like
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!!
mat: |= 3 4 |2 + |-| 3 |3 3 4 |2 |]!!!!!! (i really never realized mat was this geeky)
me: well, it's good you write it a lot, so that they have time to decipher it
me: now how do i make a macro thingie? (the prospect of push-button insults really appeals to me)
mat: thats within the game
me: you just cut and paste here, then?
mat: although you can get plenty of 3rd part programs to do it
mat: yeah cut and paste
me: cheater
me: and i was all ready to be impressed about how much better you use macs than i
mat: i could prolly whip something up
me: oh yes?
me: you might (against all seeming) be scary gamer boy, but you haven't convinced me you're that 1337 yet
mat: ok my server has a few thousand Horde characters (my faction)
mat: horde vs alliance
mat: i'd say maybe close to 8000
mat: i'm ranked 171 in amount of alliance killed
mat: so i'mm the 171st best pvper on my server
mat: out of about 10 thousand
mat: and thats without trying too hard (hahaha, woooo fancy.)
me: no, within the game, i'm willing to acquiesce that you scary rawk
me: but in the rest of the world
me: i am not convinced
mat: haha neither am i
me: haha, ouch
mat: i could lift some really heavy things
me: that's not what i meant
mat: would that impress/convince you?
me: lol
me: it would be a start...?
me: i was still referring to computers, btw
mat: oh well i suck at computers
mat: all i know how to do is play games
mat: ask sadaf if you want fancy shmancy computer stuff
me: though i suppose heave lifting is good skill to have. kudos.
me: yeah, her and kat
me: they know things
mat: and i can kick things good, to boot
mat: hah, get it
mat: to boot
mat: i kill me
me: i'm gonna wait till sadaf gets all super-scary programmer and then i'm gonna make her program me a mind-control program which i will spam out in hordes and all clueless microsoft users WILL BE MINE!!! (yes!)
me: (har, mat. har.)
mat: can i be yours in a non possesed way? (mreh?)
me: (actually, "to boot" teehee)
mat: :P
me: how good are you at opening jars?
mat: oh man
mat: i make lids wish they were never born
me: i need a cupboard-man to keep around to open my tomato sauce when i can't
me: kat and i had difficulties last night (fucking tomato sauce)
me: but she used her brain and stuck a rubber band around the cap for friction
me: she's my hero
me: but i long ago decided i need a fella to keep in a cupboard againt that sort of crisis (no, seriously. every so often, i'll talk about my dreams of owning a "cupboard man.")
mat: haha

here it just devolves into more bored useless interjections. nothing too exciting. the end.


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