April 14, 2005

sunshine and science

another long day at the lab. i had some funny thoughts earlier that i would have liked to share, but those are gone now. bored out of my mind. the maintenance workers on campus were on strike today. marched around in groups wearing green shirts of protest and carrying signs. i was listening to the clash in the pre-pcr lab when they marched past my window. and, you know what? belligerent chaotic shouting goes really well with the clash. goes well together like apples and butter croissants, mmm.... my favorite janitor, harry, wasn't on strike, though. he was at his post in the hall of the ls building where the lab is, loitering, as he does, around 6 when i left. we greeted each other and said goodnight and he called me "baby," which i found amusing in that jolly old lech sort of way. working in a science building surrounded by profs and grad students working in their labs, he is jolly and sweet and has a sign: "harry's lab" on the door of his supply room. got back to the aprtment and went for thai food with kat. mm, thai food. wasn't quite as good as my little hole-in-the-wall back home, but what is ever as good as back home? i had some thai ice tea and did a little i'm happy drinking tea dance. i called my mom after my morning stint in the lab, standing out on the street in the sun. it was nice talking to her. told her about my classes and, obviously, the labwork. mm, i'm finding my life pleasant but tiring. tomorrow is another rather long day of learning. but at least i'm jolly. shit, i think my first midterm is monday - absurd! but the info is all mendelian pedigrees and shit. i was amazed when some people in my discussion section were having trouble with the concept. so a bit of review and it should be a piece of piss.


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