April 13, 2005

no title today - too tired to be interesting

i've been an active day person for a week, and now i can't sleep through the morning. i woke up today at 7, when really i had to wake at 9, and groaned obscenities into my pillow. i even had trouble sleeping till noon over the weekend, an old favorite - i spent my entire spring break sleeping till the sun was past its apex. but i must admit, being productive feels great. the lab work may be tedious, but i always find strange robotic pleasure from dull, repetitive tasks well done. and afterwards, i get so pleased that i'm not just slacking around the apartment all afternoon. i've also made the effort to read my books and do chem practice problems - the whole proper student thing. i am really digging it. tomorrow, i think i will sign up for yoga during one of my super lengthy breaks between classes, though maybe not. there might eventually be lab time conflicts. hrm. but i've been feeling energetic, sunny, and good. though it seems my skin is responding adversely to la. my forehead is breaking out, and i have a painful little zit at the edge of one of my nostrils. it makes me want to dunk my head in a bucket of astringent. my human contact has been rather low, or at least the interesting stuff. limited to the weekends, i'm afraid. though this weekend i successfully drank 2 days in a row and watched a movie with friends. all the queen's men with eddie izzard and matt le blanc. god it was sucky. i though, hey, it's joey in bad (bad) drag and my favorite executive transvestite, good times...but no. it was poorly acted and not particularly amusingly written. the twist was depressing and the villains, though nazis, were just not all that upsetting. (speaking of ex-friends cast memebers in wwii dramas, i keep seeing this miniseries or something on the history channel with david schwimmer in. he's not believable as a hardened military commander. or a human, really. he should do sci-fi or something. or maybe some sort of outbreak killer virus thing.) the best thing about the movie, amy, elissa, and i agreed, was the pretty lady love interest. the worst was watching blaize get uncomfortable at the tender nonconformist love between izzard (whose character was bi) and a one-armed man. at one point, blaize loudly proclaimed, "my anus is puckering right now!" which made me want to screw with him. the same way i screw with my father when he says stupid shit like that. much more interesting was dr. strangelove, which i watched today while doing chem problem sets. it was obviously a book adaptation, and i could see that most of the humorous parts were lifted stylistically from the writing. the movie wasn't bad, but i think i'd much better enjoy the book. certain authors/writing styles just don't make the jump between literature and film particularly gracefully, and that sort of descriptional ironic humor is one. the sort of thing you'd find in pratchett or vonnegut that just defies non-narrational style. i'm betting that dr. strangelove is in a similar bent. so i'm at least adding a book to my between-class reading list. and with that, it's getting late and i need to get up at 8. these horrible "mornings" are going to kill me. and the daylight hurts my eyes.


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