April 20, 2005

the news, not the weather

so there's a new pope in the world. creepy-faced, ex-hitler youth, short, and robust. i wouldn't confess to that man, he looks like an evil elf. all he needs are decaying greened teeth and a knobbly stick. throughout the entire popedeath debachle, i've been thinking about the malachy list. a prophet predicted all the pope through history, ending...dun dun dun! with the end of the church. which is 2 popes from now. we have: "ab labore solis" (dead Pope, John Paul II), "gloria olivae" (now pope), "petrus romanus" (Peter the Roman - the last pope). very gloom. check it out: here.

apart from news recap, life goes on as usual. blaize and jim came over last night. the lot of us got drunk and rowdy together here at the apartment. good times! only downer is that i have the usual bruises all over my body from drunken abuse. though it wasn't from my typical brawls with blaize, he was molesting kat. as usual the four of us paired up (which i find terribly amusing due to previous dating patterns) and i was pummled by jim. this morning i found bruises on either pole of my wrist and forearm, upper arm - i looked like a lepur. these were caused, i believe, when jim pinned my arms above my head and he and blaize gave me double raspberries. frankly, i found it unpleasant, but i wouldn't have minded the pin, had it occurred while we were going out. rowr. haha! perhaps i should keep my unusual proclivities to myself. or broadcast them louder, them maybe i'll see better results, hrm. jim and i ended up cozed up in the living room while blaize repeatedly body slammed kat (and demonstrated his new ju jitsu moves). had rather nice sleepy and drunk conversation and he kissed the back of my head and neck. i was lethargically complicit. he left when i decided to go to bad and took blaize's shoes with him. blaize was passed out on kat's bed while she coughed pathetically and made little helpless gestures. well, the antics of the evening efficiently stopped my plans to study chem and now i must catch up.


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