April 17, 2005

kung-fu conversation

i woke up this morning from the most bizairre dream. it managed to combine both zelda:ocarina of time and the cosby show. also, with bikinis as harbingers of doom. was woken up when blaize called for kat, my ailing roommate who, for the past day and a half, has been croaking like a chronic smoker. it's so sad. we were wathing today and quipping, and though she was being lovely and witty, i had to silence her, because her voice was just so sad and tortured. i spent all day doing fuck-all, apart from the occasional genetics problem in preparation for my monday exam. the class i so misleadingly easy that it makes me paranoid that i must be missing something. well, the statistics are a bit tough, but not so bad when i'm not concurrently obsessivly watching the telly. (like now, road house is on. the imdb summary is 4 senteces. the last is "things heat up." what i want to know is: why does everyone in the midwest in the 80's know martial arts?) actually, yay for marial arts. had discussion with rext today about ong bok and the new movie from the same director. want to see them. lots. oh lovely badass fights. with flying. whoo! what can i say? i just love the leet fighting skills men. had a bit of an odd conversation last night with the other matt. about world of warcraft battles and classes and my beauty.

matt: there are some really hot girls at de anza but somehow i doubt they have much...substance?
me: haha. well, as long as they're substantial, it's sort of already a step up, though. (witty reference to earlier masturbation joke)
matt: well one is in my photo class, and is in my lab section.
me: but will you ever talk to it?
matt: asdfghjklwwertyuiopzxcvbnm
matt: no.
matt: just stare at her probably
matt: and hope she doesn't catch me
me: hahaha
matt: oh i'm pathetic.
me: yeah, that'd be creepy.
matt: its not really staring though.
me: well, as long as it's not staring.
matt: yea, i'm generally a corner guy.
matt: so it's not like i'm turning around to look at her
me: haha, good place. subtle like.
me: there's a guy in my bio class who keeps sittin near me. possibly deliberately.
matt: oooo
me: but that's just wild conceited speculation.
me: but you know i'm damn fine.
matt: agreed.
me: that's what i like. blind acceptance of whatever i say.
matt: i know i'd deliberately sit close to you.
me: yeees....flatter me.
matt: you just exude charm and wit.
me: yep. radiates straight from my soul.
matt: straight through your eyes.
matt: which, i must say, are quite lovely and bright.
me: aw, i blush.
matt: i speak only the truth!
me: alright, that's enough.
me: save some complements for later.
matt: hehe

the funny thing is, had that conversation not been held online, i would not have been nearly as poised and clever, with my verbal bobs and weaves. when complmented in real life, i becom flustered and begin to titter like an idiot. or perhaps i'm simply maturing. god forbid. but i suppose my very room is quite the testament against that, with the ever increasing pile of clothing ammassing on my dresser and my bed becoming more and more unmade. (aw. road house is over.) spent most of yesterday in a fabulous mood. got out of long day of classes - sitting mostly motionless with the strongest need for physical activity. specifically, i wanted to dance, to be grabbed and twirled around like mad. actually, i generally could go for that, but it's not so common that i have the need to samba. i need to meet a nice, spontaneous fella who will do that at random intervals and who i can bully into dressing as gregor mendel for halloween. i saw a picture of him in my genetics book and now dream of finding somone whose hair i can shave into receeding hairline and who i can dress in white lacy skirt thing and shawl. apart from scientist-dress-up fantasies, my nerddom has been increasing by bounds. i cavorted a little when i removed my genetics sample problem cd from the wrapping and creened "science!" in joy. and eventually i will sleep. and i will wake up to dreams of random mind pieces bobbing to the surface and battles to save the world. good night.


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