April 01, 2005

humor and depression: what's news

ooh, i had a lovely day today. i've been spending most of my break helping mom visit boutiques in the area or chillin' nights on the couch with the 'rents. sadly, few of my friends are in the bay, and those that are do have lives of their own. (weepy, spend time with me.) but today i woke up with the house happily to myself. i dyed the faded bleach streaks out of my hair with the most insidious purple dye known to man. while washing the color out of my hair, i was left with giant purple streaks across my chest and down my breasts from where the dye-laden water flowed. my hands are still stained, though my breasts are fortunately almost entirely their original color. every speck that fell on the sink basin left a little purple shadow that i had to scrub madly. and it took four shampoos before the suds stopped coming up bright purple. sadly, it took to my hair slightly less ferociously. i now have these lovely purple and maroonish streaks that look a lot better than the sad orange and yellow did. i think perhaps i'll be making a habit of it. it's fierce, but oddly grape-scented. then matt came by and i had my first pleasant lesson in the manual transmission (2nd ever). i learned real quick! i can almost always not stall out now! so then we drove around and he showed me a fabulous view of the valley (not the valley) from a retirement community in the hills. it was great, the air smelled of flowers and wild grasses. and i drove his car all the way home! i stole a shell he had in his car and made it into a necklace.

watching tv with the parents, as i've been doing most nights, i've been watching a lot more of the news, which i typically eschew because it's so depressing. and sure 'unff the news has been upsetting/amusing:
the vegetable-lady death, for example. the hooplah surrounding it annoys me, as well as the absolutely absurd arguments for and against death my forced starvation. good god, if you're going to put her to death, just euthanize her and be done with! i do not see how deliberately starving her to death is in any way more noble, and in fact causes a more unpleasant death, so i would reason that it is less. and congress' blatant opposition of party lines, not to mention congressional jurisdiction. elastic clause my ass, this falls blatantly under the expanse of the 10th ammendment. congress has no right getting involved. the pope is dying, and that just amuses me. i don't know why, i suppose he's rather progressive for a pope (kat tells me so) and popes are supposed to be pretty good men so it's sad that he's going, but the entire hierarchy of the catholic church upsets me. i disagree with their policies (no birth control anyone?), i resent the power they weild, i am disgusted by the persisting chauvenism of the system, and finally, for god's sake the church's massive wealth could be used much more productively (global poverty anyone?). plus there's that whole popemobile absurdity, and having read angels and demons the very concept of popedeath is now funny to me (as is apocalyptic vatican bomb). he's been so old and enfeabled for so long, blessing sheep and break dancers; he's been little more than a bad joke in tiny old man shape that i can't see him as anything less even now that he's genuinely on his way out. and finally, one of my favorite comedians died - mitch hedberg. it saddens me that in the light of all the crap that goes on everywhere, there's a little bit less humor in the world. and when the pope dies, there'll be even less.

evidently j. ro feels similarly. check it out:


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