April 10, 2005

hard play

i wrote a post that was deleted, so let me try to drunkenly recall what i wrote. and of course ad my new antics...

so chris proposed to me. my old friend who i haven't seen since the 6th grade (8th for him). he did it online, which is terrribly underwhelming. i think he's still trying to enter into a scam marriage, but i'm not sure what happened to the other girl. i think he'd prefer me anyways, though. we're terribly old friends (had crushes on one another when we actually knew each other in person), and have always joked about being wed. he's even claimed dibs on my virginity, though i've never dignified those claims with a serious response. actually, i didn't dignify the proposeal with a response - i merely laughed, yerribly flattered that he would want to marry me. after all, he is my favorite boy.

had a terribly productive week in the lab and at class. my days were long and difficult and i did not get nearly enough sleep. but i achieved a lot and for that i am content and proud. at the same time, was exhausted and a bit scared my entire quarter will be like that. so this weekend, i've been drunk. last night was amy's birthday party, emo-themed, and tonight was cynth's. hung out with high school and college friends, as well as a bunch of strangers and got drunk and happy. went to cynth's and had dinner with sadaf and heather, watched after the sunset of possibly something with a similar name in which pierce brosnan and selma haek are diamon thieves. (can't watch brosnan in films after having seen him with a moustache. he looked creepily like my father and i now can't get that association out of my head.) spent a lot of quality lush time at elissa's. evidently, her ex has lesbian fantasies about me and her. we get a bit rauchy when we're together. and i'v found that yen is a belligerent drunk, rather scary. matt asked me to write him a story and i did, tipsey and tired. perhaps i'll post it later, once i've cleaned it up. but now, to bed. g'night!


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