April 06, 2005

educational hazzard

uhhhng, so tired. but happy. yesterday and today have been intense. yesterday was the first day of classes. woke at 7:30 to get to class by 9. was a little bit late to oceanography on the far side of campus from the apartment and had to run through two buildings to get there. had an hour break after class during which i went to the bookstore and started reading mona lisa overdrive. then had chem - my prof is a snarky brit who says "zed" and "al-lu-min-ium" and makes sarcastic comments during his lectures. from all sides, though, he sounds terribly difficult, but i'm hoping it won't give me a nervous breakdown like last year. then i had a two hour break during which i fed the lizards, met with my bio prof from last quarter, talked to a councellor across campus, talked to the prof teaching the bio class this quarter, ran to ackerman to fill my cup of ramen with hot water and then to class. new bio. and my professor was absent, but we had a "guest speaker" - my professor dressed as gregor mendel introducing himself in german and crossing himself. the lecture was in english and about mendel's research, very thorough. needless to say, i was completely charmed. i ate my soup grinning and jotted notes about probability ratios i've seen dozens of times before. after that had my chem discussion. got to it early and stared out the window at a hummingbird perched atopa spindley tree. every time the bird turned its head towards me, its breast feathers glinted red like a blinking christmas light. after a bit, it turned its back and glowed a steady luminescent green. class was short, we were warned again about the difficulty of the brit and left. got back to may apartment exhausted - my wanderings had taken me all up and down campus and i moved rapidly. i napped for a bit and then kat and i fixed dinner and watched sex and the city. blaize came by about midnight and they played mario kart while i sewed. went to bed around 2. woke up at 8:30 this morning, despite the fact i had no class and went in to the lab - i was late. camille told me to meet her "in the 5th floor pre-pcr lab" neglecting to tell me a room number or even building name. i made an educated guess and showed up half an hour late to find doors locked. went into her office and asked ryan where to find her - he told me where i'd been and that i ought to knock. oh. knock. so i did and got in. she's very nice and perky and cute. also, french. we ran a pcr - the lab has 4 pcr machines named after the beatles. we used george, though she had wanted to use ringo, but he was full. i like george almost best. so after that, i went back to the apartment to eat. ran back on campus at 2 to meet with bio prof about the final and found a note left for me - everything was finally arranged, i can take the final along with the class this quarter and my old prof will accept the grade. whee! now i'm taking 4 finals in 1 week, all science. i really need to stay on top of things or i will snap. ran back to the apartment for a couple of hours and watched tv while sewing. cynth stopped by during that time and i was ensconced on the couch, didn't look up when she came in. so she crept up behind me and barked in my ear, making me yelp in surprise. har har. i was shaken even a few minutes after she left. kat got back and we compared days - her arm is grossly swollen from multiple bug bites and her right arm bears the phisique of certain cartoon characters. i went back to campus around 5 to run a gel and stayed in the lab till 8. when i got back kat and i made ourselves meals - i had eggs and a bagel - and watched more episodes of sex, etc. then we went to see sin city, which i've decided is the modern titus andronicus. has ever sort of debauch you could want. i found it highly amusing that there were just about as many tit shots as there were shots of people getting their dicks blown/yanked off. no, not in a fun or sexy way. in a way that makes you empathetic, go "owie." the movie was generally entertaining, though not particularly extraordinary. i wasn't even terribly pleased the way the black and white/color think turned out. it could have been more stylistically done, i think, but perhaps it was closer to the comic book. i did like the way certain scenes were definately like comic book stills, but i don't know, it just wasn't visually very compelling. my favorite part, bar none, was the hooker bit, though. whee, hookers! though elija wood as scary godly cannibal is the shit, too. so now i'm back in the apartment. pleasantly tired. i feel as if i've accomplished a lot in the last 2 days; feelin' good in that happy, content, satisfied, sleepy way. it's nice. i haven't felt productive in so long. and if i keep this level of activity up, i'm totally going to shed some pounds this quarter. or drop from exhaustion. fortunately, the more work i have to do, the more efficient and driven i become. so run that horse into the ground, baby! momma's gotta learnin' to do!


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