March 12, 2005

things you should not strip to

been in a lovely mood ever since wednesday. yesterday was gorgeous for most of the daylight hours, despite a strange thin lingering smog that hung over everything and obscured at distances. la air quality is so disturbing. i went to my classes with large, freshly washed hair done up all frizzed and crimped. it was sci-fi hair with the orange and faded red streaks and the crawling curls. it kept reminding me of asphyxiation. i wore a tank-top and walked around in the chill air that pervaded the skin, feeling like a thin wrap of cold that moved with me as i flounced to class. it felt slimming, constricted from my chest to my hips, and comforting. made my arms want to float up and wave and in all, i just wanted to dance. on mornings like that, i always thank the fact i don't have time to eat - it's perfect feeling all empty and lean and lithe. the sun was firmly out and world slowly warmed, though it never got as hot as i would have liked. had my classes and chatted up my ta, went to meet with my professor about a paper and returned to the apartment. on campus, i saw a jew standing and preaching loudly about something or other, which i thought was quite novel as it's always a white-suited christian on bruin walk, as well someone in a horrid leprechaun costume doing a jig. both made me smile my secret little smile. every ounce of me wanted to run around outside and play, so i called a couple of people to go around. everyone was busy, so i just took a walk to the supermarket and around westwood. i stopped at a boba place and got a passion fruit smoothie...with boba. i'm afraid i got confused while ordering and forgot the word tea, but got my drink with pearls and ended up with weird icy mixture with chewy bits. i felt like a silly white girl and wished i had had amy or kat there to help me order. walked back to the apartment and the clouds had moved in. i ran into jeff on the street corner by my place and stopped to talk. he took my grocery bags from me, which was nice, as they were cutting into my hands and arms after the walk. he was in the area apartment searching with some friends - was going to live with two girls and his girlfriend, which seemed a bit dangerous to me and i told him so. i felt a bit rude and pessimistic having done so, but i just really couldn't fathom not. oh well, it was far from the most horrid thing i could have said. i stayed and talked with them for a little bit and jeff helped me take my things into the apartment. by then, it was cloudy enough that my desire to be outside was thoroughly waned, so i took a nap. woke up and dicked around a bit, ate, watched tv, my normal shiftless actions. eventually, kat and i joined ib at a friend's party, where blaize later met us. we got drunk and then headed to another party with a whole group of indie-rock types. i needled a guy dressed up as ketchup (yes, literally) and generally acted like a twit with too little impulse control. (generally have very poor impulse control, especially verbally, as would have been evidenced by my earlier conversation with jeff.) we got to the second party, where a short guy with a napoleonic complex kicked us out, chanting in some sort of exclusionary mantra "who do you know here?" before slamming the door in our faces. was terribly off-putting and inspired it's own fair share of vitriol. the four of us left muttering rude things about diminutive doorguard dickhead and agreed to meet back at kat and my place in a bit. ib went home to get amy and games; blaize went home for more liquor. we ended up not really watching several movies, drinking, and playing strip jenga. i'm pretty much rubbish at jenga and was soon down to bra and panties, which in a very good moment of foresight that morning were matching red and dainty. blaize was down to boxers, ib: boxer-briefs and a tank-top, and kat was the most steady-handed of us all and only lost her shirt, despite her more daring play. amy napped soberly on our armchair. by the end of the evening, many things had been spilled and we were all pretty shit-faced and jolly. ib spent the night on our couch. i woke up in the morning terribly dehydrated and feeling vaguely reptillian, but it was a good night.


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