March 08, 2005

lofty expectations

i changed my blog template some time late last night to something a little less barbie and a little more earth mama, not to mention easier on the eyes. i hope you like it. did a bit of upkeep, as well: posted a picture of myself, changed the links a bit, added a couple of topical quotes to the sidebar, purely frivolous things. it took all of 10 min, which was good, because i was in the middle of writing an essay at the time. actually, i'm still in the middle of writing the same essay right now, so you can see my work habits have not improved at all. but i do have some fabulous news i'm dying to share. ta-da! i got the grant. i'm not sure how much it is for and i have yet to begin work in the lab, but i will be working in the lab and i will be getting paid for it, and for that i am pleased. i also had a bit of a panic this morning, woken up by a phone call from my mum telling me i had to get back to the man from the college teaching program i work for during the summer. he needed my class descriptions immediately, or, well, i wouldn't be teaching. sent off a last-minute e-mail before rushing to class and called him again once i got back and all was well. better than well! i'll be getting $35/hr for 4 weeks, something around 3+hr/day. and i won't have to teach math! no more babbling incoherently about integers in front of a class of disaffected 4th graders! i get to teach lit, i'm so happy. one course on greek myth - i'm ambitiously thinking we'll do sappho and plato and oedipus. these are 7-9th graders, you see. ambitious. another class on arthurian legend (i figure i ought to put my newfound knowledge to some use) - we can do a heraldry project and read tennyson, who really wasn't all that bad, and lanval and watch holy grail, tee! and finally, because i was asked to, a writing class of some sort - i'm thinking short story. i can teach grammar to children and watch their faces fall as i lecture them on subject-verb correlation. unlike last summer, i'm not dreading teaching! the moral: $35/hr can make even children sound bearable. hehe! bearable. like childbirth. i just killed it. so i am completely thrilled about the summer, which is good, but even more so about spring break. i can't wait to be home and have all my friends in one place (all my home friends, that it) and to do the donut shop sit around and talk loudly for hours thing and maybe, if i get my way, the beach thing. i don't know why i've had the urge so much of late to go there - if it's nostalgia or a fresh-air craving or simply the desire to be near some large body of water. i'm growing more and more tempted to collar someone with a car and force them to drive me there with scowls and tiny girl-fists of anger. or else sexual coercion or something. though the first thing sounds far more probable. blaize'll be coming up to sf for spring break most likely and i told him i'd drive him to monterey, so i've got an aquarium trip to look forward to as well. not to mention the inevitable library splurge (time enough at last). i'm hoping it'll be brilliant, but before i can have my spring break i'll need to get through what promises to be an oddly specific biology final as well as a research paper and a couple of synthesizing essays. but in general, i seem to have some pretty high hopes. i hope i won't be disappointed.


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