February 20, 2005

whirl(puddle) weekend

the rains have returned to la once again, making this an uncharacteristically wet season for all i can tell. my green docs have broken and must be repaired, so i was left without tall shoes to repel the water until i remembered my doc martin 6-hole boots. those lovely babies are impermeable unless i am unwise enough to step in water that reaches to the laces. to match my garb, i went goth friday. dark cuffed jeans, studded belt, my black (h.r.) geiger-esque long-sleeved t, eyeliner. the effect of the ensemble were ruined a bit by the pink umbrella and big blue ucla sweatshirt, but i didn't really mind. arrived at my first class only faintly damp, socks blissfully bone-dry, but that was mostly due to having gotten a ride from katherine, who dropped me off not too far from my class (v. good considering torrent). i was, however, able to comfortably slog through puddles of any depth, to my growing glee. spent a couple hours after bio reading in the bookstore, then returned home. removed my shoes to discover blisters. nothing is ever perfect.

the old friends from back home have come to visit - suegol and shahin are here to visit and play for the entire weekend, i couldn't be happier. last night, suegol and mandy (who i don't know despite the fact that she went to my high school) arrived and i played welcoming party: giving them directions from the freeway to the dorms, helping them carry their bags up multiple flights of stairs, tagging along as they tried to find a parking space, escorting them to the rest of the group. the "rest of the group" were at the triangle frat, boozing it up with jim and his lot (quite literally: it seems sadaf and he became quite the confidants before i arrived). i really hadn't intended on going - when sadaf showed up at the party, i was alone in the apartment wearing a bathrobe, eating ice cream, and trimming my nails. the perfect glamorous friday night. i was avoiding party because, oh the drama: jim neglected to pick me up on time to drive me to a seminar on campus on neurulation in fetuses and i ended up not going. i should say, he arrived to get me late, after it began. i was at first disappointed, but i said equivocal things to him that made it seem half my fault that he was late (spare his feelings) - it was bullshit - and then after i hung up the phone i became pissed, really rageful. well, still a bit pissy later in the evening, i did not want to go to his party and make friendly. unfortunately, my whole gaggle of friends was already there, including the pushy sadaf and the visiting shahin, and suegol and mandy wanted to see them. so i reluctantly lead up my apes into hell. well, not really, that's just much ado about nothing. really, i lead them to the party, where i went in search of sadaf, who i found, along with yen, in jim's room. met the rest of the group downstairs exiting as we arrived, and also saw ib and blaize hanging about. quite the cast. so discovered sadaf and yen to a chorus of exuberant drunken squeals, making it impossible to reunite the crew and slip out undetected. besides, that would have been bad form. jim was sitting, distributor of alcohol, with the girlfriend in his lap. her presence made any sort of real conversation unnecessary, so i poured myself somewhere between a third and a half of a red party cup full of gin and left, friends in tow. after a short discussion in the hallway the visitors and sadaf's hallmates ended up at my place, where i played the kind hostess and served tea and water. i drank up my gin with apple juice and thought myself a shame to snoop dog's legacy. sadaf related much of her conversation with jim to me, she thinks perhaps i've been a bit harsh on him, and i must give that come credit, though i believe most of my behavior is defensible. also, to my consternation, told me that i'm prettier than the girlfriend, which, though is a nice my-friend sort of thing to say, is not something i really care about nor need to hear. she did make me a bit pensive, however, as i finished off my drink. eventually, everyone filed out, the roomates came back, i cleaned up, folded my piled clothing, and i went to bed.

in the morning, i was woken up at 8 by the drip drip dripping of water from the ceiling onto my bed. i groaned and considered just ignoring it, but eventually dropped out of bed and rolled it away from under the ceiling puddle. i went back to sleep, a little guilty for allowing the water to soak into my carpet, but too tired to care. an hour and a half later i was again woken, this time by sadaf's call, to let her into the garage so mandy could park. at the same time, i ran into my landlady, who gave me a bucket. i placed the bucket in the path of most of the droplets and went back to bed. until 3. and had the strangest dreams. in one, for example, i was lying asleep in bed, and people kept stealthily appearing in various parts of my room and shouting at intervals to wake me up, then disappearing once again. it wasn't particularly restful, i'm afraid. once up, i showered, nearly passed out from dehydration, ate a little something, and then piled into car - 4 to the backseat - and went with the gang to rodeo drive. we wandered around for a bit in the thankfully dry window of the afternoon, looked at a couple stores, got coffee, and soaked up the ambiance of the posh and the privileged. actually, rodeo drive was mostly tourists, though we did see one (assuredly local) range rover with the nauseating license plate "trendy." we returned, parked at yen's place, and walked into westwood for dinner in the now moderate rain. sadaf's umbrella, held between the two of us, kept dripping down the back of my neck in a painfully comic sort of discomfiture. had a lovely dinner and headed back during another short dry spell. for the rest of the evening, we "partied" with sadaf's floormates and liquor pinched from the triangle frat the night before. i did not get drunk, i did not hook up, i did not pass go; i did not want to. instead, i did the terribly uncool thing of sitting at yen's computer for most of the evening, struggling against "spider solitaire." eventually, once again, everyone broke off and went home, and i walked back up to my apartment alone. it was fortunately not raining, hurrah.

so i have another 2 days of 4-day weekend to go, and maybe one of them i'll get something achieved. it's unlikely and i think i'd much rather play host. maybe get a couple of movies watched and some sweets devoured. i've done nothing to deserve a nice break, but it seems i'm going to get one. so long, of course, as i'm not floated out of my apartment in my bed in the middle of the night by a wave of floodwater and carried away into the pacific. that would suck.


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