February 03, 2005

troubled waters

so i didn't go to class. instead, i slept through everything, having an odd-

it sucks because it's my first day working in a supermarket. co-workers are disaffected and a little creepy but generally well-meaning. bitchy goth kids won't stop taking bites of the damn fruit and then putting it back. i try to reason with goth girl, be cool about it, but she's just a giant asshole. suddenly, the world is flooded. i'm stuck with my friends (leggy and interracial) and the bitchy goth kids (enemies) floating at sea. i'm nearly eaten by a giant fish (big circle of sharp teeth rising from straight below me in giant circle) but am saved by sister of best friend, who crashes her helicopter into its side. i pass out. i wake up in a green haze, eat something, then black (green) out again. when i wake up, i am standing back to a brick wall half underwater in the middle of the ocean (what is supporting brick wall?) holding the bitchy goth girl (makeup washed away) over my head, and my two best friends are dead. i suspect bitchy goth leader of treachery and shove my knee into her back. she screams. but i am prevented from taking my revenge and am forced by the rest to make a blood pact with the group that we'll work together. cut hands, touch together, swear we'll behave. i make a secret blood pact with the live sister (instead of touching bloody hands to one another we hold each other by the neck) to avenge the girl's death. also, that we might become lovers (lesbionic potential). (she looks like seth's punky girlfriend on the oc. ouch. that's lady-hot.) wound was small and is already starting to close. i'm staring at the blood spot i left over her left collarbone when i wake. (she left one low on my neck just above above my left shoulder.)

-dream. before that dream i was half-awake and having a man-fantasy, so i haven't the faintest what all of that says about my sexuality. i'm not really concerned. in other news:

today i studied everything, thank god, and i just need to review a bit tomorrow. i proofed my essay and i have the most oppressive fear that i've entirely forgotten how to incorporate quotations. kat has an ear infection or a cold and i'm mildly germ-phobic. the water main on campus broke and i'm being warned that the tapwater here may be contaminated. as a result, i'm going to go brush my teeth with bottled water, wake up before 4 tomorrow, shower despite possible ickiness, turn in my essay, finish cramming, buy a test-taking pen, take a test. and then, i hope to get drunk. balls-out drunk. it's probably not going to happen and i'll spend my evening reading tennyson's the idylls of the king or something, but it's good to have a dream. oh, and freenapkinz, from october's peculiar picnic-rpg is back. sent text messages to my phone, which has me feeling a bit stalked. hopefully that will develop into something that doesn't involve me lying dead in a puddle of westwood hobo pee. we'll see. but the anticipation is absolutely arresting.


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