February 28, 2005

trees and a fat-os, both need your love

i'm afraid, afraid i have done a bad thing. i have signed up, along with katherine, for a hollywood video mvp movie rental thing. $10/month unlimited rentals, 3 at a time. i am never going to achieve anything ever again. you have just witnessed the death of my productivity, pfft! we signed up when we went to return taxi driver, which i finally watched. it was a bit odd, as i used to watch the old television series taxi. i had trouble reconciling the two casts and kept expecting andy kaufman to loll into the frame, bug-eyed, as generic foreign-man latka, babbling incoherently at bickle. "thenk you veddy much." movie was pretty good, cinematography not terribly impressive, though. enjoyed it, though.

so, upon returning the one video, we rented three more with our brand new discount plan. supersize me, fern gully, and rushmore - all katherine's choices, actually, i wasn't feeling too opinionated that night. we got back and fixed ramen for dinner. popped in supersize me. and were, of course, utterly horrified. a panicked feeling at the base of my ribcage prompted me to go outside and just begin running until i was bent over, wheezing and panting, dripping sweat into the street. obviously, i would never do such a thing and instead ate an apple as i watched a man's liver function cease due to excess fat. i don't want to be fat american. i don't even want my mother's thighs. i want to be lovely and svelte forever with my lithe muscles and fabulous wardrobe and wrinkle-free face. very glad i almost never eat out.

after that, we popped in fern gully and were awash in nostalgia and synthesizer music of the early 90's. i identified two voice actors correctly - very funny that christian slater voiced the snarky red-haired man-fairy. after the movie kat and i were beset by white-man consumer environmental guilt. bad planet-killing white woman, bad. i think the character of batty was much more enjoyable as large person who could appreciate "'ah, human!' 'that's a human?' 'yes! yes! kill it! restrain it! medicate it! *takes deep breath* 'puff up! puff up! they hate that!'" ah-haha. classic.

well, it's late and i still have coleridge to read. i'm stuck in the world of wikepedia in one of those compulsive "choose your story" loops of searching through linked articles obsessively. i had better go, if i get off the computer, perhaps i will get this done. so g'night! and hug a tree.


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