February 02, 2005

quiet decline

yesterday was a good day. shining sun - tank-topped and frizzy i went to all of my classes, talked to strangers, and generally went about in a good mood. back at the apartment, i borrowed a vacuum and did my mother proud, cleaning like i had something to prove. but after the floors were spic and span, things began going wrong. i could not create a coherent argument for the life of me, and three outlines and two false starts later, my paper was no nearer completion. i paused to make soup. peeling the potatoes, i let my mind wander away from the paper, but frazzled as i was, i peeled twice the appropriate amount. i looked down into the pot of submerged tuber and realized that i would either have to make some sort of cream soup or mash to dispose of them all. i opted for the third, lazy option of just removing half the cubed potato to store in a tupperware in the fridge. i haven't the faintest idea what i'm going to cook with all of that. eventually, i got the carrots and potato boiling and went back to my paper. i created a fourth outline to clarify my ideas and then set to chop-shopping an intro from my original pieces. i went back and forth to add more ingredients to the soup and to write more brilliant lines of bullshit until my food was done. then i sat down to eat. after my too-brief repose, i returned to writing, and somehow alliterated every couple of words until it threatened to turn into an incredibly dense children's novel about "social shields to fool friends" as portrayed by seventeenth-century libertine, wycherly. i then began my laundry. every quarter hour i would have to the parking garage (laundry room location) and move everything to the dryer, begin another load, switch dryers, or take out my clothing. with several several staggered loads it took much longer that it ought. i finished my essay, but gave up on folding and putting away in favor of sleep. there's a large pile of my garments on cynthia's bed that i'm going to have to deal with someday. got much less sleep than i would like and today went to a bio review session. came back, and despite all my best intentions to study and learn, etc, i watched a few hours of tv. i finally sat down to work and did a rather surprisingly good job of not distracting myself until...well, now. i'm not as far along as i'd like to be, but if i don't get my sleep, tomorrow i'll be an even bigger catatonic zombie-girl and i'll probably begin snarling at passers-by. wednesday is another big learning day, though i have secret plans to study my bio notes in english. then back to the grind here with reviewing the lecture slides. fortunately, i find molecular biology very elegant, otherwise i would be weeping. goodnight!


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