February 14, 2005

much love and a present

oh, i'm feeling fabulous! in a positively radiant mood, but i'll get to that later. last night was one of debauchery, oh yes. finished my horrible midterm essays on arthur and the knights of bore and decided to go out for a bit of fun. fortunately, fun had called me up an hour before and invited me to a party. one of sadaf's friends was having a no-particular-reason dinner/drunk and i decided to reward diligence by stopping by. headed out in the wrong direction from my apartment and ended up nearly in westwood before discovering my mistake and trekking all the way back, past where i live, to the party. was mildly chastised, handed a drink, and set loose in a dark room full of friends and strangers. i made conversation, drank, laughed almost continuously, and stopped sadaf from falling over 90% of the time. it was jolly. i ended up drinking: 2 (possibly 3) double shots of malibu, 1 gin'ntonic (far too much gin), and 1 canned alcoholic energy drink. take note, because that will all become important later. we rounded out the evening with activities a la eighth grade - spin the bottle, suck and blow - games i never ever played when they would have been age-appropriate. ended up drunkenly making out with: steve (coupla times, meh), sadaf, syrus (i don't know him), and tamely kissed some other girl whose name i can never remember. i was very amused. a while after the last of my drinks, after having been lounging around on the floor for a while, i inevitably with that amount of booze in my system, became ill. did the toilet-clutch for approximately an hour (my time-estimating skills were impaired, i really haven't the faintest idea). threw up a couple of times, holding back my own hair, i am amused to note. sadaf brought me water and patted me comfortingly for a bit and then encouraged me to get up and walk back to my own apartment. lo! i was able to stand and stagger out into the night with her firmly supporting me (hugs and much thanks to her). made it all the way back to my room, where i drunkenly imed jim without particular cause, undressed, and collapsed into bed. woke up at 9 in the morning, an absurdly early hour, feeling vaguely ill still, but much better than the night before. when i was unable to fall back asleep, i got up, chatted up chris, showered, had breakfast and felt wonderful. a couple of hours later, i was back to shivering and illness, so i napped for another three. woke up again and went out for a wander. borrowed dr. strangelove from jim, headed to sadaf's and had dinner, went to yen's and copied her notes for the lit midterm tomorrow. all in all, a lovely evening. back here, matt and i chatted a bit online. he very cutely asked whether i'd be coming home over spring break and could we hang out, maybe? got photos from him and suegol from various high school and summer exploits and that put me in the best mood. nostalgia: i love my friends and miss them so! and so i dedicate this valentines' to them, my sweetest darlings, old and new.

(this blog redeemable for 1 big ol' kiss: mon, feb 14, 2005.)


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